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MacPro Video Cubase 101 Core Cubase
Manufactured by » MacPro Video
List price: $49.50
Our Price: $45.00
Quantity: Out of Stock

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Since this is a Digital Download there will be no shipping charge. 


MacProVideo Cubase 101 : Core Cubase
Digital Download

Cubase was one of the original DAWs. Starting on a single 1.4 MB floppy disk in 1990, Cubase has grown to become the only digital audio production program you need to create amazing music.

Cubase is a grownup DAW that offers the musician and producer an awesome array of highly sophisticated tools: From really easy MIDI recording and editing to slick audio editing and Melodyne-like pitch shifting. Cubase does it all and Matthew explains everything perfectly in a very friendly manner... it’s like having a your very own Cubase expert sitting in the chair next to you!

So whether you’re new to Cubase or a long time user, Matthew explores the arcana of this deep DAW revealing optimized workflows, uncovering noteworthy tips and tricks and taking us on a very well thought out, top to bottom exploration of this amazing piece of music production software. Take it from me, Steve H, you’re going really dig this tutorial!


Chapter 1: Intro to Cubase, Projects & Tracks
1: Introduction, Installation & Setup
00:5401. Introducing Matthew Loel T. Hepworth
02:0102. Intro to the Course
04:0603. Installation and the Dongle
01:4704. Putting Cubase in the Dock
02:0305. Launching Cubase for the First Time
04:2606. Assigning Your Audio Interface
03:4107. Assigning your MIDI Interface
03:3408. Starting your first Cubase Project Properly
05:3309. Why Use Proper Project Management
03:5110. Project Setup Settings
2: The Project Window
02:4011. Configuring the Project window
02:2812. The 3 Project Window Columns
01:4713. Explanation of the Transport Panel
3: Making Tracks
02:3314. Theory of Tracks
02:0815. The 3 Most Common Track Types
05:5916. Recording Your First Instrument Track
04:0917. Recording Your Second Instrument Track
07:3018. Recording Your First Audio Track
02:4119. Recording Your Second Audio Track
02:2720. MIDI Tracks vs. Instrument Tracks
Chapter 2: Cubase Fundamentals
4: Conventions of Cubase
03:0421. Transport Controls and the Numeric Keypad
03:3522. The Left and Right Locators
04:0623. Undo, Redo, and History
01:1024. Using Control-Click vs Right Click
02:5025. Using the Metronome (CLICK)
02:3126. Setup the Auto Save
03:0127. A Note about Monitoring
02:1528. Using the Help Documents
5: Cubase Rudiments
05:3529. The Cubase Tools
02:5230. Snap ON OFF
02:2631. Zooming IN OUT UP DOWN
01:4732. Autoscroll
6: The Cubase Mixer
01:3233. What is the Cubase Mixer
01:0534. Getting to the Mixer
02:2535. Function Button Snafus
03:3336. The Simple Mixer
02:1937. The Master Fader
03:3838. The Extended Mixer
01:4639. The Mixer and Project Window Relationship
02:0640. Hide Show Track Types
01:5241. Individual Track Parameter Views
Chapter 3: Recording Fundamentals
7: Cubase Recording Operations
05:1542. Achieving a Mouseless Recording Workflow
01:4043. The Event Info Line and Overview
01:2544. Track Control Settings
03:2445. Customizing the Metronome
01:3546. Cycle Recording
04:0747. Dealing with Event Overlaps
01:4748. Project Tempo and Tempo Track
01:3449. Project Time Signature and Signature Track
02:4250. Project Markers and Marker Track
02:0651. Using the Arranger Track
01:5552. Using the P and Shift G Commands
01:4353. Select All vs Select All Events
8: Recording Instrument & MIDI Tracks
04:3854. Recording an Instrument Track
05:1055. Cycle Recording
01:5756. Overlapping MIDI Events
01:5057. Over Quantize
05:3958. Copying MIDI Events, Option Drag & Repeats
03:0759. Transposing Events
01:5860. Changing Event Colors
9: Recording Audio Tracks
04:1961. Turn Off Your Speakers and Use Headphones
02:4462. Start Recording on Measure 2 Not Measure 1
02:3963. Recording Audio
01:2464. Cycle Recording with Audio
03:0465. Overlapping Audio Events
04:3766. Stacked 2 Record Mode
02:0767. Using Alternating Tracks
02:1368. Punch IN Punch OUT recording
Chapter 4: Editing Recordings and Projects
10: Editing Instrument and MIDI Tracks
07:4169. The Key Editor
04:1070. The Controller Lane
02:3971. The Drum Editor
06:1772. The Score Editor Briefly
01:1973. Using the In-Place Editor
03:0074. Using the Dissolve Part Command
07:0875. Creating MIDI Notes without a MIDI Keyboard
01:3176. The Undo Quantize Command
02:3477. Using Iterative Quantize
02:1878. Using Part to Groove
05:1179. Freezing Instrument Tracks
11: Editing Audio Tracks
01:3080. The Concept of Non-Destructive Editing
04:1181. When and How to Use Crossfades
01:3982. Slide Editing
02:2783. Using the Fade Handles
01:5284. Don’t Use Normalize
06:3585. Vari-Audio Editing
03:0686. Extracting MIDI from Audio Tracks
01:2187. Vari-Audio on a Stacked Track
12: Editing Projects
04:5388. Editing the Tempo Track
02:5389. Editing the Signature Track
06:2490. Editing the Arranger Track
02:2991. Making and Using Folder Tracks
08:0992. Setting up Multi-Track Multi-Input Projects
04:0193. Importing Audio CDs
04:3194. Creating Your own Key Commands
01:3595. Using the Event Zoom Controller
13: The Pool
04:3896. The Concept of The Pool
02:5397. Using Insert into Project
03:1298. Find Resolve Missing Audio Files
02:3099. Minimizing Files
04:16100. Emptying the Trash
04:34101. Prepare Archive vs. Backup Project Command
Chapter 5: Effect, Automation and Mixdown
14: Channel Settings, EQ and Effects
03:43102. Buffer Setting Considerations
03:18103. The Channel Settings Window and Signal Flow
04:30104. Applying Insert FX
01:42105. Reordering and Copying Insert FX
03:26106. Applying EQ and EQ Presets
03:02107. Using Track Presets
05:57108. FX Channel Tracks and Send FX
01:26109. Channel Settings in the Object Inspector
01:44110. Copying and Pasting Channel Settings
01:05111. Global Bypass Buttons
01:30112. Freezing Audio Tracks
03:36113. Group Channel Tracks
15: Automation
01:44114. The Concept of Mix Automation
03:37115. READ and WRITE Automation Controls
03:48116. Editing Automation Data
03:22117. The 3 Automation Modes
01:48118. Show Used Automation
01:21119. Drawing Your own Automation Data
03:09120. Master Fader Automation
04:57121. Post Automation Volume Editing
16: Mixdown: The Final ‘Done Here’
04:58122. Monitoring the Master Fader Clip Light
04:03123. Adding Mastering Insert FX
02:47124. To Dither or Not to Dither
01:44125. Setting Left and Right Locators for Mixdown
05:25126. Audio Mixdown for High Bit Rate Audio Files
01:37127. Audio Mixdown for Audio CD
04:23128. Audio Mixdown for MP3
04:08129. Batch Export
02:36130. Backup and Goodbye


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