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Digigram VX222HR Mic PCI Sound Card
Manufactured by » Digigram
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Digigram VX222HR Mic PCI Sound Card

The Digigram VX222HR Mic PCI Sound Card is a stereo sound card that extends the feature set of the VX222HR with a high-quality phantom-powered microphone pre-amplifier.  This stereo sound card extends the feature set of the VX222HR, bringing new possibilities to
-integrated voice tracking
-voice over
-other editing applications

A high-quality phantom-powered microphone pre-amplifier, combined with an analog compressor-limiter-expander, enables mix of voice and another audio source without the need of adding expensive external devices.

The Digigram VX222HR Mic PCI Sound Card also benefits from the characteristics of Digigram's HR (High resolution) series of VX sound cards. The HR series is the new industry standard for the most demanding pro audio applications. State of the art sound quality, more features, more processing power, and greater flexibility for custom developments make the new generation the Number 1 choice for audio professionals.

Digigram VX222HR Mic PCI Sound Card Features:
-2/2 balanced analog and digital AES/EBU I/Os
-Additional phantom-powered microphone input
-high-quality pre-amplification
-analog compressor-limiter-expander
-Analog line and mic inputs can be mixed together, total n° of I/Os: 3/2.
-The digital inputs are compatible with the new AES42 standard used by digital microphones. Digigram is the first to offer an AES42
  interface on a sound card, which enables control of the microphone settings through the card.
-Comprehensive set of drivers: driver for the Digigram SDK, as well as low-latency WDM DirectSound, ASIO, and Wave drivers
-DigiQMax: parametric 3-band EQ & Maximizer
-Hardware sample rate converter on the digital input, enabling recording of a digital signal that is not synchronous with the board’s internal
-32-bit/66 MHz PCI Master mode, PCI and PCI-X compatible interface
-24-bit/192 kHz converters
-LTC input and inter-board Sync

Digigram VX222HR Mic PCI Sound Card Specifications:
  -Bus/Format 32-bit/66 Mhz Universal PCI, PCI and PCI-X compatible, master mode
  -Digital Signal Processor Motorola 56303 at 100 MHz
  -RAM  512 kWords
  -Size 175 mm x 99 mm x 20 mm
  -Power requirements (+3.3V/+5V / +12V / –12V)  0.4 A / 0.3 to 0.9 A / 0.22 A / 0.1 A
  -Operating: temp / humidity (non-condensing) 0°C / +50°C • 5% / 90%
  -Storage: temp / humidity (non-condensing) -5°C / +70°C • 0% / 95%
  -Balanced analog line inputs (mono) 2
  -Maximum line input level/impedance +24 dBu / <10 kOhms
  -Programmable input gain Analog and digital
  -Digital inputs (stereo) 1 AES/EBU, AES42 compatible
  -Hardware sample rate converter Switchable, ratio from 1:8 to 7.5:1, up to 192kHz
  -AES/EBU sync input Yes
  -AES11 synchronization Yes
  -Other inputs 2 GPI (dry contact), LTC
  -Servo-balanced analog line outputs (mono) 2
  -Maximum output level / impedance +24 dBu / < 100 Ohms
  -Digital outputs (stereo) 1 AES/EBU
  -Programmable output gain Analog and digital
  -Other outputs 1 stereo headphone output (600 Ohms), 2 GPO (relay, 0.5 A, 48 VCC)
  -Internal connector Inter board synchronization
  -External connectors 15-pin Sub-D for analog I/Os, 15-pin HD Sub-D for digital I/Os, Sync., and GPIO
  -Mini jack headphone stereo output (3,5 mm TRS female jack)
-Audio specifications (Measurements done at Fs=48 kHz unless stated otherwise, with filter on the 22 Hz- 22 kHz range)
  -Sampling frequencies available Programmable from 8 to 192 kHz
  -A/D and D/A converter resolution 24 bits
  -Supported audio formats PCM (8, 16, 24 bits), Float IEEE754
  -Frequency response (record + play)
    -at 48 kHz: 20 Hz - 20 kHz: +0 /-0.3 dB
    -at 96 kHz: 20 Hz - 40 kHz: +0 /-0.4 dB
    -at 192 kHz: 20 Hz - 80 kHz: +0 /-1.1 dB
  -Channel phase difference: 20/20kHz <0.2°/2°
  -Dynamic range (A-weighted) Analog In: >104 dBA, Analog Out: > 106 dBA
  -THD + noise 1 kHz at –2 dBfs Analog In: <–97 dB, Analog Out: <-95 dB
  -VX222HR-Mic sample rate converter: <-130 dB
  -Crosstalk (Analog in or out) 1 kHz at +24 dBu: <–115 dB, 15 kHz at +24 dBu: <-100 dB
-Development environments
  -Digigram management np SDK (HR runtime, PCM only)
  -Other management Wave, ASIO, DirectSound (all PCM only)
  -Supported operating systems Windows Vista, 2000, XP 32-bit, and Windows 2003 32-bit Server
  -Main on-board processing features
    -direct monitoring
    -real-time mixing
    -level adjustment
    -3-band parametric equalizer
-Additional analog microphone input
  -Balanced analog microphone input (mono) 1, with analog expander/compressor/limiter
  -This input is mixed with the two line inputs before A/D conversion
  -48V phantom power supply Yes
  -Programmable mic gain 0 to 66 dB in 0.5 dB steps
  -Maximum mic input level/impedance +10 dBu / >10 kOhms
  -Equivalent Input Noise, A/D-D/A at 48kHz, G=60 dB, Z=200Ohms <-125 dBm
-AES/EBU input special features
  -Support of AES42 digital microphones  Yes, with digital phantom power supply (10 V min / 250 mA max)
  -Remote control of digital microphones  Yes
  -AES42 synchronization mode  Operational mode 1 (the microphone generates its own clock)


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