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Adventus Ear Training Coach Ear Training Software
Adventus Ear Training Coach Ear Training Software
Manufactured by » Adventus
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Ear Training Coach:
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Adventus Ear Training Coach

Adventus Ear Training Coach is the most recent industry-leading music education series published by Adventus Inc., and it has received great reviews by music teachers internationally. Unlike other ear training products, Adventus Ear Training Coach offers a well-rounded entertaining combination of assessment and constructive activities, graded by year of music study, with a carefully selected, but inexhaustible supply of music content.

Adventus Ear Training Coach is affordable enough for every student to use for practice at home.' Use ETC regularly to ensure ear training and sight reading tests will be a snap. ETC replaces all traditional (dry) ear training materials with superior interactive assessed activities, which just happen to be a lot of fun.

Adventus Ear Training Coach - Choose your level - 1-2 or 3-4

Adventus Ear Training Coach Grades 1 & 2 represents the first in a five disc series that will take the student through a 10-grade curriculum in ear training and sight-reading. Ear training coach represents a revolutionary new approach to improving ear training and sight-reading skills.

Adventus Ear Training Coach is the perfect tool to augment music student development. It provides the re-enforcement and feedback that are difficult and time consuming for the music teacher to provide. Adventus Ear Training Coach is the ideal complement to personal lessons.

Adventus Ear Training Coach Software:

The features of this educational tool include:

  • Rhythm: This activity develops the ability to recognize and play rhythmic passages. Students repeat each rhythm pattern after hearing it played. Hundreds of selections are provided at random at each grade level. Students play in time with an adjustable metronome, and their recording is compared in detail to the original rhythm. Each assessment is saved in the user records.
  • Melody: This activity improves the ability to retain and play back melodic passages. Students are given the key of a short melody,which is played twice. Students then play the melody back in time with a metronome. Hundreds of selections are provided at random at each grade level. Students play in time with an adjustable metronome, and their recording is compared in detail to the original rhythm. Each assessment is saved in the user records.
  • Intervals: This activity develops the ability to discern between musical intervals, and to identify them by symbol or by notation. A random interval is played once, then identified by the student. Various settings select: the set of intervals to be tested, melodic up, melodic down, treble clef, bass clef, symbol, notation, and the instrument used. All responses saved in the user records.
  • Sight-Reading: This activity develops the ability to review musical passages and play them back accurately, "at sight". A student is presented the notation, and is given time to review it. The student then plays the passage, and reviews the assessment. "Wait for Note" assessment is recommended as step 1 for the novice. The next step is, "Notes and Timing" assessment, referenced to an adjustable metronome. Notation can be displayed in small, medium or large font. Several hundred passages are presented at random at each grade level. All student assessments are saved in the user records.
  • Games: These unique games provide students with a constructive focus, building and reinforcing the knowledge and skills that are assessed in the 'activity' sections of Ear Training Coach. The games section, though quite valuable pedagogically, is a very enjoyable part of the learning process.
    Replay: The student replays a given graded melody or random-note passage. The amount to remember and play back increases one note at a time. User can select different zones and speeds.
  • Tune Twister: The student is presented with a mystery graded melody mixed up in a crossword puzzle. The student listens to a pitch for each cell in the crossword, transcribing it to a note name using the relative pitch information of the adjoining cells. When the cells are all correct, the mystery piece is played back.
  • Tunewalk: The student selects a full-length piece, or is presented with a random graded piece. The tunewalk engine helps the student develop the skill of playing the entire piece back by ear. Graded content.
  • Skaler: The student moves the game character through the mountains by playing the finger exercises. Graded content, approximately three minutes per game level, develops dexterity and look-ahead ability for both hands.
  • Grand Staff Battle: The student moves the game character through a maze, using the computer or musical keyboard to select magical pitches that will render the dangerous characters harmless. The magical pitches are presented on the staff, multi-skill levels, multi-grade settings.
  • Personal Profile: Individual performance records let you review your students' progress. Ear Training Coach monitors progress and recommends when the student should move on to the next grade level.

Adventus Ear Training Coach - Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium 150 MHz or better
  • RAM: 32 Megabytes of RAM for Win95, 64 Megabytes for Win98 and up
  • Hard Drive (Min):170 MB free hard drive space
  • Video: minimum 256 color display at 800x600 resolution (true color recommended)
  • Audio: 100% Soundblaster compatible sound card
  • Other: Standard MIDI keyboard with cable is recommended

Adventus Ear Training Coach is another great teaching tool from Adventus, industry leaders in educational music software! Even accomplished music students can benefit greatly from the ear and sight training lessons contained in Adventus Ear Training Coach.

Adventus Ear Training Coach is recommended as preparation for the ear training and sight reading portions of the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. Take advantage of this fantastic tool and take your musical ability to new levels!


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