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Eastwest Quantum Leap Stormdrum 2 SD2
Manufactured by » EastWest/Quantum Leap
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.About PLAYTerapack InfoiLok Key Required

Quantum Leap Stormdrum 2 SD2 The Next Generation

Quantum Leap Stormdrum 2 SD2 The Next Generation is over twice the size of the original Stormdrum, featuring over 12 Gigabytes of ALL NEW (except the included Metallica black drum kit from Ministry Of Rock) acoustic percussion instruments. The unique selection of drums and percussion included exceeds all other collections. As a sequel to STORMDRUM it sets new standards that will exceed the expectations of everyone who owns a QUANTUM LEAP product.  Included is the new advanced PLAY sample engine offering both 64-bit and 32-bit support.

Quantum Leap SD2 The Next Generation does not offer loops. Instead you have 100 MIDI performances created with Roland VDrums and Zendrum percussion controllers, each with dozens of variations, intros and endings from bombastic to hypnotic are included.  Software allows for millions of variations of each midi performance so you can create custom performances at any tempo.  What this means is that you can change ANYTHING with no sound quality loss.  Change the tempo of your sequence, the sounds will remain pristine; change the dynamics and marvel as 24 velocity multi-sampled percussion creates a completely new sound.  Want to tune, add effects or filters to specific drums, mute specific sounds and play in your own parts or do sound replacement? No problem.  Like the sound of a performance, but don’t like the rhythm? Simply use the current multi to create your own rhythms.

Drawing from the secret collections of three percussionists, Quantum Leap SD2 The Next Generation features some of the most amazing, and unique multi-sampled percussion imaginable, all recorded with vintage Neumann microphones in the famous EasrWest Studio 1 (formally United-Western) for that unmistakable Hollywood sound-stage vibe and a sound far beyond any other commercial percussion collection.

Quantum Leap Stormdrum2 SD2 The Next Generation Features:
-Produced by Nick Phoenix
-Includes over 12 Gigabytes of percussion insanity!
-Includes 100+ MIDI Performance files
-Includes PLAY advanced 64-bit (with 32-bit compatibility) software engine

Quantum Leap SD2 The Next Generation Instruments:
-Drumkit and Related
  -Black Kit Basic MOR
  -Black Toms Power 6
  -Black Toms Soundstage 6
  -Ludwig Toms Soundstage 3
  -Octaplus Mallet Toms 9
  -Octaplus Rod Toms 9
  -Octaplus Stick Toms 9
  -Octaplus Toms Monster 9
  -Octaplus Toms Power 9
  -Octaplus Toms Soundstage 9
  -Orchestral Cymbal Rolls
  -Orchestral Marching Kit
  -The Beast SR
  -The Beast
-Ethnic Drums
  -African Bowl drums
  -Brushed Drums
  -Chinese Kettle Drums
  -Custom Bongos
  -Custom Congas
  -Darabuka with Metals
  -Dynasty O Daiko
  -Earthquake Ensemble
  -Giant Ambient Dumbek
  -Indonesian Bongos
  -Malaysian Djembe
  -Moroccoan Darubaka
  -Nagado Fortissimo
  -Nepalese Two-Headed Drum
  -O Daiko Set SR
  -O Daiko Set
  -Roman War Drum
  -Table Hits
  -Tong Zi Set
-Ethnic Metals
  -11 Bowl Gongs
  -Action Melody rev
  -Action Melody
  -Bowed Bowl Timp
  -Bowed Cymbal
  -Bowed Superball Gongs
  -Brake Drums
  -Cajun Triangle
  -Chinese Cymbal
  -Finger Cymbal 1
  -Finger Cymbal 2
  -Finger Cymbal 3
  -Finger Cymbal 4
  -Giant Buddha Bell
  -Gongs 7inch to 22inch
  -Gongs 24inch to 35inch
  -Hang Drum
  -Indian Hi Bells
  -Indian Low Bells
  -Large Riq
  -Mallet Waterphone
  -Metal Bridge
  -Metal Objects
  -Opera Gong
  -Persian Castanets
  -Prepared FX
  -Spring Drum
  -Tibetan Prayer Circle
  -Whale Drum
-Woods and Shakers
  -12 ft Log Drums
  -Aboriginal Percussion
  -Bamboo Sticks
  -Chinese Noisemaker
  -Chinese Opera Blocks
  -Devil Chasers
  -Tongue Drum MOD
  -Vietnamese Shakers n Rattles
-Sound Design Percussion
  -120 bpm glitched drone
  -120 bpm glitched drums
  -125 bpm glitched drone
  -125 bpm glitched drums
  -130 bpm glitched drone
  -130 bpm glitched drums
  -135 bpm glitched drone
  -135 bpm glitched drums
  -140 bpm glitched drone
  -140 bpm glitched drums
  -150 bpm glitched drone
  -150 bpm glitched drums
  -160 bpm glitched drone
  -160 bpm glitched drums
  -Ambient Contortion
  -Ambient Largeness
  -Deja Vu
  -Godzilla Hits SR
  -Godzilla Hits
  -Neural Exposure
  -Old Skool Neve
  -Panic Attack
  -Psycho FX
  -Radiostatic Anamoly
  -Stutter Maker high
  -Stutter Maker low
  -Stutter Maker reg
  -Swoosh Maker high
  -Swoosh Maker low
  -Swoosh Maker reg
-Zendrum Programs
  -Anklungs ZEN m
  -Brushed Drums ZEN m
  -Brushed Drums ZEN
  -Danmo ZEN m
  -Darabuka with Metals ZEN
  -Devil Chasers ZEN
  -Dholak ZEN
  -Earthquake Ensemble ZEN
  -Godzilla Hits ZEN
  -Hang Drum ZEN
  -Indonesian Bongos ZEN m
  -Malaysian Djembe ZEN
  -Moroccoan Darubaka ZEN
  -Nepalese 2hd Drum ZEN m
  -Orchestral Marching ZEN
  -Taikos ZEN
  -The Beast ZEN
  -Tibetan Prayer Circle ZEN
  -Ticki-Ticki ZEN
  -Tong Zi Set ZEN
  -Udu ZEN
  -Whale Drum ZEN 

Quantum Leap Stormdrum SD2 The Next Generation System Requirements:
•13 GB Free Hard Disc Space
•DVD Drive
•iLok Security Key, not included
•If you do not own an iLok Security Key you can purchase one here.

Please note, to use some of the larger MIDI file performances, you will need a recommended system. For those with slower systems, here are some tips to improve performance.

If your system is below our recommended specifications, here are some tips for optimizing PLAY and SD2:
1. Install samples on a fast drive that is not too full. Make sure all software is up to date.
2. Change PLAY's streaming settings to buffer factor 5
3. Change audio driver buffer to 512 or even 1024 if you just need to mix down an SD2 performance.
4. Turn off reverb.
5. Mute some tracks of an SD2 performance and render in two passes. Maybe separate the low drums from the hi frequency drums, so you have two audio mixes that can be processed later.

Minimum Requirements for Mac
•Dual Core G5 1.8GHz, 2GB RAM, Mac OS 10.4 or newer
Recommended Mac System
•Mac Pro Quad-Core Xeon 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM
Minimum Requirements for PC
•Dual Core Pentium 2.5GHz, 2GB RAM, Windows XP SP2 or Vista, sound card with ASIO drivers
Recommended PC System
•Intel or AMD Quad Core 2.0GHz, 8GB RAM, 64-bit OS and host
All Systems
•iLok required (not included), internet connection required for one-time product activation
Included for both PC and Mac:
•32-bit standalone and plug-in versions included.
•64-bit PC VST (host must support 64-bit VST plugins) and standalone versions included.

Supported Interfaces
•Mac: VST™, Audio Units™, Core Audio™, RTAS


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