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Spectrasonics Backbeat SAGE Xpander
Spectrasonics Backbeat SAGE Xpander
Manufactured by » Spectrasonics
List price: $99.00
Our Price: $85.00
Quantity: Out of Stock

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Spectrasonics Backbeat SAGE Xpander

Sometimes, you just need that straight-forward, no frills, clean and lean drum groove. If you do pop, rock, smooth jazz, or cross-over, a pure live drum sound is absolutely essential. Even in today’s dance and R&B, the tight and crisp sound of an unadulterated drum kit is pure gold. This is why Backbeat may become the most important library in your collection!

Producers Eric Persing and Bob Wilson recorded four world-class drummers in numerous legendary studios, with some of the best drum rooms on the planet. The playing is right in the pocket by LA drummers with legendary feels. The very latest recording technology was used to capture a stunningly Hi-Fi, yet very natural sound. Every groove has a unique kit and mix! The variety of sounds within this single library is astonishing.

The featured players in Spectrasonics Backbeat SAGE Xpander include:
Gregg Bissonette (Santana, Joe Satriani, Don Henley)
Bob Wilson (Liquid Grooves, George Benson, The Crusaders)
John Ferraro (Larry Carlton, David Benoit, Albert Lee, Aaron Neville)
Eric Boseman (Liquid Grooves, James Newton-Howard)

Create your own complete drum track with Song Construction Elements including Variations, Fills, Fill Bars, Intros, Breakdowns, Ride and Sidestick patterns, add-on Cymbals and more. Backbeat lays down the perfect foundation for a wide variety of current styles. If you’re one of those purists who insists on avoiding drum loops because you think they’re too limiting, this Xpander may finally change your mind. Stylus RMX™ has the tools to make every groove on Backbeat as spontaneous and fresh as working with a live drummer. For example RMX’s exclusive Chaos Designer™ can improvise by randomly shifting or repeating hits inside the groove, as much or as little as you like. Plus you can save variations as completely new grooves, so there’s almost no end to the variety and liveliness of BackBeat, or any Xpander, when used with RMX.

With our exclusive S.A.G.E. technology, it's shocking how much control you have over the drummers' performances. Using just Stylus RMX and your sequencer, you can change the drummer’s tempo, his feel, the pitch of his drums, the time signature, even the whole pattern without affecting the live, fluid sound of his playing. It’s an unbelievable advance, and so simple to use. Have no fear. Whatever your style, whatever your tempo, whatever your attitude, Backbeat and Stylus RMX will put these world-class drummers and their dynamic talent right in your back pocket.

Spectrasonics Backbeat SAGE Xpander is Live Drumming at its purest!

• Authentic Sound and Feel
• Multiple world-class Drummers, Studios and Engineers
• Transitional Song Construction Elements
• Ultra-Wide Sonic Variety
• Unprecedented Control
• 450 loops in 39 categories
• One-of-a-kind Acoustic Drum & Percussion Grooves
• Highly Creative Sound, Feel & Style
• Ethnic grooves with unique processing
• Newly developed Multi patches take full advantage of new S.A.G.E.™ (Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine) technology with multitrack grooves which show the full potential of Liquid Grooves with Stylus RMX.
• Korg Wavedrum™ grooves and Remixes
• Useful Styles that work across the whole musical spectrum
• Multitrack style elements ideal for remixing
• Unprecedented Control with S.A.G.E.-based Groove Control®
• Special Bonus Section includes grooves from Bizarre Guitar, Vocal Planet and more!

"This set is of very high quality and it is clear that much time and effort has been put into it....an immense array of stunning grooves -- all played on real acoustic kits, by real people! There is nothing run-of-the-mill about the quality of these performances, and there is a great variety of them, from basic 'Billie Jean'-type pop to highly-intricate shuffle, the latter capturing every nuance of snare stroke with great subtlety...The benefits of the Groove Control technique are considerable, allowing easy tempo changing without affecting timbre, and the power to create groove-quantize templates to use elsewhere in your track...I suspect that a staggering amount of time has gone into its presentation on Spectrasonics Backbeat SAGE Xpander, to ensure that the grooves maintain their integrity...If you have a need for exceptionally well recorded standard drum grooves that really do groove, this is a library you should audition. Added to Retro Funk, it contributes to an extensive library of formidable grooves."

Spectrasonics Backbeat SAGE Xpander Requires Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

SINGLE-TIMBRAL (1 Part) System Recommendations

640mb RAM, 8GB free hard disc space for core library, DVD-ROM drive

OSX 10.2.6 or higher, 500mHz G3 or better CPU
Audio Unit, RTAS, or VST host

Windows PC:
Windows 2000/XP, 600mHz Pentium III or better CPU, sound card
VST host

MULTI-TIMBRAL (8 Parts) System Recommendations

1GB RAM, 8GB free hard disc space for core library, DVD-ROM drive

OSX 10.2.6 or higher, 1gHz G4/G5 or better CPU
Audio Unit, RTAS or VST host

Windows PC:
Windows 2000/XP, 1ghz Pentium IV or better CPU, sound card
VST host


You guys are the best, period. Fast and furious! I will ALWAYS now shop with you...more
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