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Best Service Peter Siedlaczek Complete Classical Collection String Essentials Bundle
Manufactured by » Best Service
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Best Service  Peter Siedlaczek Complete Classical Collection String Essentials Bundle
This bundle contains both the Complete Classical Collection 2nd Edition and String Essentials at a special bundle price!

Best Service Peter Siedlaczek Complete Classical Collection 2nd Edition
This collection includes sample libraries that have been released in other formats previously

The most affordable, useful and comprehensive collection of the finest classical sounds: mixed choir, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, harp, mallets, piano, prepared piano, ready-to-use tools, orchestral excerpts, performances and effects. An extremely versatile, inspiring, portable tool for every composer, arranger and producer. Sampler and reverb software included along with Kontakt 2 Player engine and extended programming.  A total of 13 GB on 2 DVDs .

Completely new, scriptbased user interface. Almost all important parameters can be controlled with the new created Automation-user interface. Complete synthesis unit with filter, LFO and effect section. Tempo, length and pitch of parts of the loops and phrases can be varied with the Time Machine. You can play the instruments with BreathControl or any other controller. The new Dual-Harmonize function allows you to create any desired interval combination.

Together with the new Microtune-function you can easily create arabic/oriental/exotic tunings. Using the new Humanize-function subtle tone changes are made to any new tone, and each note will sound a little bit different. The new Legato-function lets you create good sounding legato lines. The new Attack-function puts additional accents on any desired timbre. With this function you get smoother transitions from staccato to sustained notes, because the accent can blended in seamlessly and varied sound.

Advanced Orchestra:
This very complex yet compact and user-friendly sound library set new standards for symphonic samples. Enjoyable and easy to use with expanded capabilities thanks to the advantages of the newest software developments. Extensive use of key switching and direct-from-dick technology. New programs with multiple layers and instantaneous access to dozens of instruments and playing techniques. This library contains Solo- & Ensemble Strings. Solo- & Ensemble Brass, Solo- & Ensemble Woodwinds and Harp with comfortable access to different articulations and performances, as well as a huge percussion section with many additional instruments. Sounds which have proven themselves in countless music productions worldwide.

Classical Choir:
Peter Siedlaczek's 5star winning "Classical Choir". Just when you thought it couldn't get better, it did! This section contains over 100 singers, sampled at each semitone from aaa to zzz, men, women, mixed choir, bass, tenor, alto, soprano. Fantastic falls, swells and choir voice effects. Whether you want a perfectly realistic choral sound or you are creating new sounds, these samples provide the user with perfect material with which to work.

Orchestral Colours:
Peter Siedlaczek's, Orchestral Colours created a new trend - the use of prepared, skilfully arranged orchestral building blocks. The result is a colourful mixture of hits, finales, passages, layers, atmospheres - a collection of 'mini-works" which are playable in any key! The incredible tonal richness of a symphony orchestra, its expressiveness, dynamic, or its "power", makes it the most mighty and versatile body of sound. lt is no wonder that orchestral sounds have become an obligatory part of every collection of samples.

Smart Violins:
Another of Peter Siedlaczek's unique sample libraries: A comprehensive collection of runs, licks and other patterns, as well as long notes and legato steps played at different intervals, performed by a large violin ensemble. Outstanding construction tools for creating perfectly realistic runs and melodic lines playable in all keys.

Total Piano and more:
Classical Boesendorfer piano in outstanding quality. Brilliant and clear. Also prepared piano: unconventional playing techniques and amazing sounds, thumb tack piano, honky tonk piano, and piano effects. In addition you get a collection of finest bonus sounds created by Kontakt 2

Peter Siedlaczek Complete Classical Collection 2nd Edition Compatibility:
-WIN: VST, RTAS, DXi, ASIO, DirectSound
-MAC: VST, Audio Units, Core Audio, Core MIDI, RTAS

Peter Siedlaczek Complete Classical Collection 2nd Edition System Requirements(Kontakt Player):
  -Windows ME/2000/XP
  -Pentium III / Athlon 800 MHz
  -512 MB RAM

  -MAC OS 10.2.6 or higher
  -G3 500 MHz
  -512 MB RAM

  -Windows XP
  -Pentium IV / Athlon XP
  -2 GB RAM

  -MAC OS 10.3.8 or higher
  -G4 867 MHz
  -2 GB RAM

Best Service Peter Siedlaczek String Essentials 2nd Edition
The second edition of Peter Siedlaczek´s legendary String Essentials, now with Kontakt 2 Player engine and extended programming! 

Best Service Peter Siedlaczek String Essentials 2nd Edition Features:
-14 violins, 10 violas, 8 cellos & 6 double basses
-Spontaneous, playful and intuitive handling
-Thought-out, innovative solutions
-complex, yet convenient and ergonomic patches
-Completely new material recorded with three different mic set-ups, providing ambient, normal and dry samples
-Kontakt 2, the world-leading sample player software included
-Works as a plug-in in any standard or as a stand-alone application
-12 GB of great sounding samples in 5 lengths and 3 or 4 dynamic layers
-Immediate access to nearly all the playing techniques via key switches
-Fast and convenient sample character shaping using midi controllers (Accent, Expression, Crescendo Time, Portamento Depth/Time,
  Tempo, Run Shift, Release Time, Release Off, etc.)
-More realism with run and ornamentation tools
-Release trigger
-Multiple alternation switching from double to quintuple
-Just load and play it!

Best Service Peter Siedlaczek String Essentials 2nd Edition Kontakt Player System Requirements

NI Kontakt Player 2 is included in this product!


Windows XP/ Vista, Pentium 4/ Athlon, Single 2,8 GHz, Dual Core CPU above 1.6 GHz per core
Mac OSX 10.4 or above, G5 1 GHz or Intel Core Duo1,66, 1 GB Ram


Windows XP/ Vista, Pentium 4/ Athlon, Quad Core CPU above 1.8 GHz per core
Mac OSX 10.4 or above, any Intel Mac G5, 2GB Ram

Free hard drive space - depending on the regarding library content.

You can use this library with the free Kontakt Player 4 (or higher) which is compatible to all actual operating systems and interfaces on Mac & PC


You guys are the best, period. Fast and furious! I will ALWAYS now shop with you...more
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Super fast delivery! Great to do business with! A++++++++++ Ebay user...more
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