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Black Magic Design DeckLink SDI Video Card
Manufactured by » Black Magic Design
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Black Magic Design DeckLink SDI Video Card
PCI Express video capture card for Windows or Intel-based Mac Pro computers

If you're looking for an SDI only solution that's perfect for use with SDI decks, or in large facilities with SDI routers, then the Black Magic Design DeckLink SDI Video Card gives you incredible quality SD/HD-SDI capture and playback on any PCI Express Windows or Intel-based Mac Pro computer. The world’s smallest and most affordable 10 bit SDI Video card works in both SD and HD and includes blackburst, tri-sync reference input, 8 channels of SDI embedded audio and RS-422 deck control. DeckLink SDI is perfect when combined with routers such as Enterprise Videohub, SDI monitoring such as HDLink Pro and Video converters such as Blackmagic Design's Mini Converter range.

Black Magic Design DeckLink SDI Video Card Specifications:
  -SDI Video Input 1 x 10 bit SD/HD switchable
  -SDI Video Output  1 x 10 bit SD/HD switchable
  -Optical Fiber Video Input None
  -Optical Fiber Video Output None
  -Analog Video Input  None
  -Analog Video Output None
  -HDMI Video Input None None
  -HDMI Video Output None
  -SDI Audio Input  8 Channels embedded in SD and HD
  -SDI Audio Output  8 Channels embedded in SD and HD
  -Optical Fiber Audio Input None
  -Optical Fiber Audio Output None
  -Analog Audio Input  None
  -Analog Audio Output  None
  -HDMI Audio Input None
  -HDMI Audio Output None
  -AES/EBU Audio Input  None
  -AES/EBU Audio Output  None
  -Sync Input  1 x sync input. Blackburst in SD, 720p50, 720p59.94, 1080i50 and 1080i59.94 formats or Tri-Sync in any HD format
  -Device Control  Sony compatible RS422 deck control ports. Serial ports TxRx direction reversible under software control
  -Computer Interface  PCI Express 1 lane, compatible with 1, 4, 8 and 16 lane PCIe slots
  -HD Format Support  720p50, 720p59.94, 720p60, 1080PsF23.98, 1080p23.98, 1080PsF24, 1080p24, 1080PsF25, 1080p25,
    1080PsF29.97, 1080p29.97, 1080PsF30, 1080p30, 1080i50, 1080i59.94 and 1080i60.
  -SD Format Support  625/25 PAL, 525/29.97 NTSC and 525/23.98 NTSC.
  -SDI Compliance  SMPTE 259M and 292M.
  -Multiple Rate support SDI Video connections are switchable between standard definition and high definition. SDI switches between 270
    Mb/s standard definition SDI and 1.5 Gb/s HD-SDI
  -Video Sampling  4:2:2
  -Color Precision  10 bit
  -Color Space  4:2:2 YUV
  -SDI Metadata Support  VITC read for 3:2 pulldown removal.
  -VANC capture and playback using up to 3 lines of Video in file. HD RP188. Closed captioning.
  -Audio Sampling  Television rate of 48kHz and 24 bit.
  -HDMI Configuration None
  -HDMI Resolution None
  -HDMI Color Precision None
  -Copy Protection For legal reasons HDMI input is unable to capture from copy protected HDMI sources. Always confirm copyright
    ownership before capture or distribution of content.
  -Colorspace Conversion  Hardware based real time.
  -HD Down Conversion  HD to SD on Video capture or Video playback
  -HD Up Conversion  SD to 720HD or 1080HD on Video capture.
  -Cross Conversion  720HD to 1080HD on Video capture.
  -Real Time Effects  Apple Final Cut Pro internal effects in DV, DVCPRO HD, ProRes and uncompressed on Intel Mac OS X. Adobe
    Premiere Pro internal effects in DV, DVCPRO HD, MJPEG and uncompressed.
  -Software Included  Media Express, Disk Speed Test, LiveKey, Blackmagic System Preferences and Blackmagic driver on Mac OS X. Media
    Express, Disk Speed Test, LiveKey, Blackmagic Control Panel and Blackmagic driver on Windows. Media Express, Blackmagic Control
    Panel and Blackmagic driver on Linux.
  -Firmware Upgrade  Firmware built into software driver. Loaded at system start or via updater software.
  -Installation  PCI Express 1 lane, compatible with 1, 4, 8, 16 lane PCI Express slots. Please see the full system requirements for Mac OS X
    and Windows. Mac OS X systems require an Intel-based Mac Pro computer
  -Product Warranty 3 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

The following contains information on all three Decklink models, SDI, Optical Fiber and Studio:
Turbocharge your creativity with DeckLink Studio, the SD/HD broadcast Video card that costs hundreds of dollars less than standard definition solutions. DeckLink Studio features SDI, HDMI and enhanced analog connections, plus a built in hardware down converter, and an incredible 4 channels of balanced analog audio. DeckLink Studio lets you move seamlessly between SD and HD workflows for the ultimate in creative flexibility.

DeckLink Studio includes highest quality 10 bit SDI Video combined with enhanced analog connections to support a massive range of Video equipment. DeckLink Studio includes fully independent connections for SDI, HDMI, analog component, S-Video and composite Video. Both the SDI and analog component connections auto switch between SD and HD, plus there's an extra SD SDI output via a built in hardware down converter for when you're working in HD. When you're working in NTSC and PAL, you can use the SD-SDI output as a key output. Also included are a massive number of audio connections, with 4 channels of balanced analog audio, 8 channels of SDI audio plus 2 channels of AES/EBU digital with sample rate converters. For a broadcast strength solution, DeckLink Studio also has RS-422 deck control and blackburst and tri-sync reference input.

The DeckLink Optical Fiber model includes incredible quality 10 bit SDI capture and playback as well as optical fiber SDI capture and playback, all built into the one card. Eliminate the cost of optical fiber editing. Also included is RS-422 deck control and reference input. DeckLink SDI is the world's most affordable HD/SD-SDI capture card, with 10 bit SDI capture and playback, plus RS-422 deck control and reference input.

DeckLink SDI is the world's most affordable HD/SD-SDI capture card, with 10 bit SDI capture and playback, plus RS-422 deck control and reference input.

DeckLink cards let you capture and playback to the widest range of equipment, such as HDCAM, HD-D5, HDCAM SR 4:2:2, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, HD receivers, HDV cameras, televisions, VHS recorders, analog broadcast monitors, mixers and many more.

If you've ever wanted to monitor in both HD and SD while you work, then you'll love the built in high quality down converter on the DeckLink Studio model that's always active on the SD-SDI, S-Video and composite Video output connections. This lets you use the main SD/HD-SDI output for HD, while simultaneously using the SD-SDI, S-Video and composite outputs for standard definition. When working in HD the built in down converter lets all Video outputs remain active in both capture and playback mode, and in all HD Video formats. You can instantly select between letterbox, anamorphic 16:9 and center cut 4:3 down conversion styles.

The DeckLink Optical Fiber model is the world's first capture card to include built in optical fiber SDI connections. Optical fiber easily handles long distances, is low cost, and optical fiber cables last virtually forever because you can keep plugging them into faster equipment in the future, and the same cables will go much faster. Optical fiber cables can be installed by your local electrician, and the cables can be purchased from your local electrical wholesaler. That's because optical fiber is used all the time in computer networking, so it's low cost and commonly available. Now you can build a native optical fiber facility.

DeckLink Studio includes enhanced analog connections to make it easy to connect to a wider range of analog broadcast equipment. You can simultaneously connect to analog component, S-Video and composite equipment, because DeckLink Studio has independent connections for each. All outputs are always active and will output via the built in down converter when you're working in HD. DeckLink Studio is the perfect capture card for working with decks such as Betacam SP, as it includes 4 channels of balanced analog audio, so you can capture and playback all 4 channels of Betacam SP audio at the same time. DeckLink Studio has more analog connections than SD only capture cards and costs hundreds of dollars less.

DeckLink Studio features a massive 4 channels of balanced professional analog audio in and out, as well as 2 channels of AES/EBU digital audio in and out, for broadcast quality and sample accurate AV sync. DeckLink Studio also includes a sample rate converter on the AES/EBU input, so you can connect to any digital audio device, from either synchronized or un-synchronized sources. DeckLink Studio includes 8 channels of SDI embedded audio that are perfect for Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro's multi channel audio support. When working with multi channel audio, DeckLink Studio can switch it's analog audio output 3 and 4 to AES/EBU digital audio outputs. That means you get an extra 2 digital audio outputs for a total of 6 channels of AES/EBU digital audio out. DeckLink Studio is perfect for 5.1 surround sound editing and multi language digital audio monitoring.

For highest quality digital broadcast workflows, DeckLink cards include incredible 10 bit SD/HD-SDI Video with low SDI jitter, combined with AES/EBU digital audio with a high performance linear phase digital filtered sample rate converter. DeckLink Studio features a total of 10 on board power supplies to isolate high precision analog electronics from digital noise, so you get pristine quality analog Video and audio. Only DeckLink cards provides all the quality you need for the most demanding broadcast environments and ensures your work retains that wonderful film look.

DeckLink's super fast PCI Express connection plugs directly into Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro's real time effects processing engine. Unlike FireWire products, you get all your CPU time dedicated to more multi layer HD real time effects. Only DeckLink Studio's high speed PCI Express lets you upgrade to HD without limiting your HD real time effects. The higher speed of PCI Express easily handles both compressed and uncompressed Video file formats, such as ProRes(Mac), DVCPro HD, JPEG, DV, HDV playback, uncompressed 8 bit and uncompressed 10 bit. 1 Lane PCI Express also allows DeckLink Studio to work in lower cost computers and is fully compatible with 1, 4, 8 and 16 lane PCI Express slots.

DeckLink cards are fully compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and now Linux. The new Media Express 2.0 is included, so you can capture and playback DPX, DVI and QuickTime media all platforms with full compatibility. Perfect for 3D graphics work or use our Linux SDK to develop your own solutions.

When working in standard definition, DeckLink cards include the most amazing quality digital internal keyer that lets you key RGBA images over the Video input. That's a total keying solution built right into DeckLink Studio. The built in keyer works great when used with Blackmagic Design's included Photoshop plug-ins, or even with RGBA animated Video software for keying. If you want to perform keying externally, such as an external Video mixer, then just select external key and DeckLink Studio will output the key channel on the SD-SDI output, with the fill channel on the main SD/HD-SDI output.

DeckLink cards are perfect for editing, broadcast graphics and digital effects work with built in support for your favorite Video software such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, eyeon Fusion and many more. DeckLink includes plug ins for Photoshop so you can capture and output frames directly from within Photoshop. Real time playback from Adobe After Effects is supported so you can live preview your animations on your broadcast monitor. For ultimate flexibility, you can install on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Intel-based Mac Pro systems and instantly switch between 1080i, 1080p and 720p formats in HD, or NTSC and PAL formats for worldwide compatibility.

DeckLink cards include the Media Express deck control software which lets you control a deck remotely via RS-422 for capture and playback of DPX, AVI and QuickTime clips with timecode accuracy. Media Express is supported on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. To help set up high speed disk arrays for uncompressed 10 bit HD editing, DeckLink includes Blackmagic Disk Speed Test software that checks your disk array and gives you an easy to understand speed test with the results in Video frames per second.

DeckLink cards are designed for anyone who needs a bridge between the 'SD and HD worlds' with maximum analog compatibility for the widest range of Video equipment. Check out DeckLink for your facility today.


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