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Sonoma Wireworks KitCore Deluxe 2
Manufactured by » Sonoma Wire Works
List price: $124.99
Our Price: $99.00
Quantity: Out of Stock

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Sonoma Wireworks KitCore Deluxe 2
Great drums. Huge variety. No Fuss.

Sonoma Wireworks KitCore Deluxe 2 includes all the MIDI drumkits and MIDI files found in DrumCore Deluxe. You get over 100 great-sounding kits and over 3,000 MIDI beats. Including electronic, acoustic and Latin percussion sounds.

Tired of plug-ins eating-up your CPU just to get a great drum sound? Want to nail the sound for a particular musical style without having to do a bunch of research? Want to be sure the sounds and beats you get are authentic to your style? Submersible Music KitCore Deluxe 2 gives you the sounds and beats of famous drummers in a multitude of styles. You get over 100 great-sounding kits (including electronic, acoustic and Latin percussion sounds) and over 3,000 MIDI beats.

Sonoma Wireworks KitCore Deluxe 2 Features:
The best drummers have the best kits. KitCore Deluxe includes over 100 kits covering a multitude of styles plus over 3,000 MIDI beats. You get these great KitPacks included with KitCore Deluxe 2*:
  -Matt Sorum(Guns 'N Roses, Velvet Revolver)
  -Ben Smith (Heart)
  -Jeff Anthony (Sheryl Crow)
  -Michael Shrieve (Santana)
  -Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown)
  -Alan White (Yes, John Lennon)
  -Terry Bozzio (Zappa, Missing Persons, UK)
  -Lonnie Wilson (Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flatts)
  -Tony Braunagel (Bonnie Raitt)
  -Urban GT
  -Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-Up (Dave Stewart/Ultra Nate)
  -Luis Conte (Sergio Mendes, Clapton, Madonna) - inlcudes KitPack I and KitPack II
  -Sly Dunbar (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Black Uhuru)

*Note that the style classifications above are generalizations, and that usually there is some music genre crossover.

The Sonoma Wireworks KitCore Deluxe 2 kits are recorded "In The Style" for maximum authenticity and delivered at 48kHz/24 bit for great fidelity.  Using the best of digital and analog, the kit tones are burned-in at the sample level for great sound with minimal CPU load. From priceless Pultecs to vintage Neumann mics, get the sound of a multi-million dollar studio on your laptop. You won't want those 44.1kHz/16 bit sounds again.

Unlike programs that only offer a five piece acoustic drumkit, Submersible Music KitCore Deluxe 2 gives you 48 pads you can mix-and-match with acoustic, electronic and Latin sounds to make your own "hybrid" kitsall with that award-winning DrumCore sound. Why should you need to own two plug-ins and/or buy expansion packs just to add a tambourine or conga part?  Plus you can expand your KitCore library via Submersible KitPacks, available in a wide variety of styles and price points. DrumCore users note that KitCore can access any DrumCore or DrumCore LT drumkits you already have installed.

Easily see and quickly audition all the included grooves plus your KitCore expansion packs. Simply play a groove in sync with your main recording application and then drag and drop the MIDI beat or fill onto a track. Content is arranged in songwriter-friendly "GrooveSets" which group beats, fills and variations together to allow faster and easier song construction based on the sensibilities of these great pro drummers. Search for grooves by Feel (Shuffle, 1/8ths, etc.) and use Queue Mode for seeing how beats and fills work together before exporting them, just like in DrumCore.

Sonoma Wireworks KitCore Deluxe 2 unveils the "RealDrummer" control that gives you the ability to add drummerly dynamics to your MIDI. It does-away with the evils of machine gun-like MIDI playback. Give your snare rolls new life and make your hi-hats and ride parts groove mightily with this cool new control.

Sonoma Wireworks KitCore Deluxe 2 easily integrates with AU/VST/RTAS hosts on both Mac and PC. This includes Acid, Cubase, DP, Live, Logic, Pro Tools, Sonar, Tracktion and most popular recording applications.  Like DrumCore, KitCore is General MIDI (GM) compatible. This lets it work with GM note maps found in the drum editors of most applilcations and allows easy control via most external pad controllers.

Sonoma Wireworks KitCore Deluxe 2 System Requirements**:
  -Mac OS 10.3.x or higher
  -G4, G5 or Intel processors
  -400MHz or higher
  -512M RAM (1G recommended)
  -DVD drive
  -3GB free space (content) and requires
  -Windows XP or Vista
  -PIII or Athlon 800MHz or above
  -512M RAM (1G recommended)
  -DVD drive
  -3GB free space (content)

**KitCore works with most plugin hosts including Acid, Cubase, Digital Performer, GarageBand, Live, Logic, Pro Tools, Sonar and Tracktion.


You guys are the best, period. Fast and furious! I will ALWAYS now shop with you...more
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Super fast delivery! Great to do business with! A++++++++++ Ebay user...more
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