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Emes "Black" + "Amber" Surround Package
Manufactured by » Emes
List price: $5,499.00
Our Price: $4,449.00
Quantity: Out of Stock

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Emes "Black" + "Amber" Surround Package
5 Emes "Black" 2 way bi-amplified near field Monitors, and 1 Emes "Amber" multi-purpose 10" active sub with dual coil drivers.

EMES Black Studio Monitor
The perfect reproduction tool when sonic quality is required in video, broadcast or project studios

The Emes "Black" TV Active Pair is the 'little work horse' from the EMES product line offering amazing performance in an incredibly small size. The Emes "Pink" TV Active Pair is the perfect reproduction tool when sonic quality is required in video, broadcast or project studios.

The Emes "Black" TV Active Pair is equipped with two identical 80W amplifiers (Lf/Hf) matched drivers and basic controls - dip switch for sensitivity, bass, and Hf-control. You can be sure you are getting the best reproduction experience.

A pair of Emes "Black" TV Active monitors only weigh 10Kg. (22lbs.) making them ideal for a personal reference system. Take them along wherever you go!

Combined with the AMBER active, you can create a 6-way monitoring system.

Emes "Black" TV Active Pair Specifications

  • Drivers: LF= 14cm paper carbon, HF = 25mm textile Neodyme
  • FC response: 58 - 19.000 Hz (±2.5 dB)
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB 1W/1m at 0.4% THD
  • Sensitivity max: 108 dB
  • Power handling rms: 2 x 70W LF/HF
  • Power handling peak: 2 x 80W LF/HF
  • Dimension: 290 x 170 x 200mm (11.5"x 6.75"x 7.75")
  • Weight: 5.0 Kg (11 lbs.)
  • Special: LF & HF coils are time aligned on all axis
  • 4x4 dip-switches for level, bass and HF-level-control
  • Listening distance: 80cm - 250cm. (3 - 8 feet)

The System

The Emes "Black" TV Active Pair uses the bass-reflex principle. A 25mm neodymium dome driver is mounted from the back to the baffle, leading into a radial wave guide. This guarantees a perfect polar pattern, low distortion and smooth linearity over a wide range. The liquid front design (srew-, bump-, dipless) supports all the emanated energy without disturbance. Two identical 80W amplifiers are used in the High and Low frequency section. The Emes 'little' Pink tv active has all the design features that are offered in larger models.

Emes "Black" TV Active Pair Driver Technology

In the Low Frequency section a shielded 14cm driver is used. Emes chose this driver because of the outstanding acceleration performance, meaning it can deliver a real punch! The membrane is a composite made from paper, fiberglass and Kevlar. This keeps the membrane as stiff as possible, while still being very light in weight. The high-tech mechanical 'air flow design' nearly eliminates air compression inside the driver itself. The 25mm neodymium tweeter is a masterpiece - total weight is only 300 grams and still performs like a big one!

The Electronics

Two complete separated channel strips are used to keep the electronic crosstalk to a minimum. Each of these have identical amplifiers the tweeter has the same amount of power in the back as the woofer 2 x 80W peak. Emes s.c. 'quick delivery' digital power supply is built to works 2.000 times faster than typical analog devices. Located on the back are 16 step dips for the input sensitivity, for low fc control (-6 to + 4 dB), and the hf-section (-4 to +4 dB.)

Emes "Amber" Active Sub
Multi-purpose 10" active sub with dual coil drivers

Emes Amber Active Sub

The Emes "Amber" Active Sub multi-purpose AMBER active sub units can be used as a classic mono sub woofer, or they can be combined with the EMES near-field monitors (physically matched with the Emes PINK tv Active and Mini OWL-System) to extend their power handling and low end frequency response.

The Emes "Amber" Active Sub's removable 2 x 160W active electronics, Emes integrated inputs and outputs for left/center/right channel, by-pass remote function, phase control (0 - 360 degrees within 12 steps of 30 degrees) level control and filter functions (80/150 Hz. On/Off).

Emes "Amber" Active Sub Specifications

  • Drivers: LF= 10 inch dual coil, long excursion
  • FC response: 38 - 2.000 Hz (±2.0 dB 38 - 200 Hz)
  • Sensitivity: 91 dB 1W/1m at 0.5% THD
  • Sensitivity max: 115 dB
  • Power handling rms: 2 x 140W active
  • Power handling peak: 2 x 160W active
  • Dimension: 290 x 420 x 350mm (11.5" x 16.5" x 12")
  • Weight 23.6 Kg (52lbs.)
  • Special: High pass (80/150 Hz), 3 IN/Out, 4x4 dip-switches for level, phase-control
  • Listening distance: 100cm - 400cm. (3.5 - 13ft.)


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