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Toontrack Lost New York Studios SDX for Superior Drummer 2.0
Manufactured by » Toontrack
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Toontrack Lost New York Studios SDX
for Superior Drummer 2.0

The Toontrack Lost New York Studios SDX for Superior Drummer contains unique sample recordings from two legendary New York Studios - Hit Factory NY and Allaire Studios. The recordings at Hit Factory NY were the starting point for Toontrack in developing Superior Drummer 2.0 and the decision to record samples at Allaire was a result of wanting to capture the best studio rooms in New York.

Sadly, for the music and recording industry both studios are now closed. Thus the title The Lost New York Studios. Toontrack is privileged to have been given the opportunity to record these great rooms in collaboration with the world class recording team of engineer and producer Pat Thrall (Glenn Hughes, Black Crowes, Beyoncé etc), producer Neil Dorfsman (Kiss, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits and Sting) and drummer Nir Z (Genesis, John Mayer, Joss Stone and Chris Cornell).

The Toontrack Lost New York Studios SDX for Superior Drummer features kits recorded with seven kick drums, thirteen snares and a wide variety of cymbals sampled in extreme detail to work with the best, most advanced drum sampler engine on the planet, Superior Drummer 2.0.

The Toontrack Lost New York Studios SDX for Superior Drummer features a custom MIDI library played and recorded by Nir Z.  The drums were played and produced by Nir Z, Neil Dorfsman, Pat Thrall and Mattias Eklund at Hit Factory, NY and Allaire Studios NY.  The MIDI was recorded and played by Nir Z.

Apart from the close miced faders in the mixer, N.Y. Allaire also has these channels: AmbFar, AmbMid, AmbNear, AmbMono, Oh-Mono, AmbBullet, SnareRim and a SansAmp channel.

Apart from the close miced faders in the mixer, N.Y. Hit Factory also has these channels: AmbFar, AmbFar-FX, AmbMid, AmbMid-FX, Sony-In & 57-Out.

Toontrack Lost New York Studios SDX for Superior Drummer Features:
Allaire Studio (Pro Mark Drumsticks)
-Kick Drums
  -Gretsch 18x22"
  -Gretsch 50's 14x20"
  -Ludwig 14x24"
  -Ludwig 14x24" Softer Beater
  -Ludwig 16x22"
  -Slingerland 14x26"
-Snare Drums
  -Black Beauty 1940's - 6.5x14"
  -Ludwig 5x15" Metal
  -Ludwig-Wood Vintage 1930's -7x14"
  -Rogers Dynasonic 5.5x14"
  -Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5x14"
  -Ludwig Supraphonic Low Tuned 6.5x14"
  -Top: Sabian HH Extra Thin Crash 16" / Bottom: Sabian HH Duo Crash 16"
  -Ludwig 1962 11x13", 16x16", 16x18"
  -Ludwig 1962 10x12", 14x14", 16x16"
-Cymbal Setup 1
  -Position 1: AAXplosion 21"
  -Position 2: AA Prototype 18"
  -Position 3: AAXplosion 21"
-Cymbal Setup 2
  -Position 1: HHX Xtreme Crash 19"
  -Position 2: HHX Xtreme Crash 18"
  -Position 3: Legacy Ozone FX Cymbal 20"
  -Position 4: Ride Sabian Prototype 22"

Hit Factory (Drumsticks)
-Kick Drums
  -GMS SE Blue Sparkle 14X24"
  -GMS SE Blue Sparkle18X22"
-Snare Drums
  -Ludwig Black Beauty - 6.5x14"
  -Ludwig Brass Shell - 6.5x14"
  -Trick - 6.5x14"
  -GMS Maple/Ash Shell - 6.5x14"
  -GMS Maple/Ash Shell (tuned high)
  -GMS Blue - 5.5x14"
  -GMS Wood Shell - 6.5x14"
  -Sabian Evolution HHX 14"
  -Sabian Groove HHX 15"
  -GMS 9x10", 10x12", 14x14", 16x16" with Coated Heads
  -GMS 9x10", 10x12", 14x14", 16x16" with Clear Heads
-Cymbal Setup 1
  -Position 1: Sabian HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash 16"
  -Position 2: Sabian HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash 18"
  -Position 3: AAX Explosion Crash 21"
  -Position 4: Sabian AA Thin Crash 17"
  -Position 5: Sabian AA Medium Thin Crash 18"
  -Position 6: Sabian HHX Evolution FX Crash 18"
-Cymbal Setup 2
  -Position 1: Sabian HHXtreme Crash 19"
  -Position 4: Spock 18" / 20"
  -Position 5: Sabian Manhattan Crash 16"
  -Position 6: Sabian HHXtreme Crash 18"
  -Position 2: Sabian HHX Evolution Ride 20"
  -Position 4: Sabian Sg Series Ride 22"

Toontrack Lost New York Studios SDX for Superior Drummer System Requirements:
-Expansion Pack requires Superior Drummer 2.0 to be installed and authorized on your computer.
  -Xp or Vista
  -Pentuim IV or Athlon 1.8 Ghz (Multicore recommended)
  -1 GB Ram (2 GB recommended)
  -OSX 10.4 Tiger or higher
  -Dual G4 1.25 Ghz (Multicore recommended)
  -1 GB Ram (2 GB recommended)


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