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MindPrint DTC
Manufactured by » MindPrint
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MindPrint DTC
High End Double Channel Strip

MindPrint DTC is Our Masterpiece in Design and Technology!
Getting that "Expensive" Sound!
Today the secret of "expensive" sound no longer lies in tape machines or costly mixing consoles. The key to unlocking the secret of sophisticated sound and getting top-notch tone in the can is translating all the intricacies of signals into the digital world. And that, in a nutshell, is what the new MindPrint DTC does.

The Importance of Good Input
Even in conventional high-end studios equipped with consoles priced at 100,000 euros and more, for years it has been common practice to record critical signals using special and painfully pricey microphone preamps. What’s so special about these boutique preamps? They sport input transformers that are able to translate every sonic subtly captured by premium microphones. Both of the MindPrint DTC’s channels feature highest quality microphone input stages boasting specially designed transformers, developed in a joint effort with the renowned manufacturer Haufe. With this partner and his profound experience in the field, we were for the first time able to create a transformer model with extraordinarily high impedance. In marked contrast to standard microphone inputs, it doesn’t dampen impedance peaks that occur primarily at HF levels. What does that do for you? It gives you open, airy signals with extended dynamic range and an audio experience you won’t soon forget. From very basic dynamic handhelds to large membrane condenser models, every microphone sounds twice as expensive courtesy of the MindPrint DTC.

Detailed Sound Sculpting from the Start
Processing sound early on makes good musical sense, particularly in light of the modern production conditions that a project studio affords you. Case in point: Shaping frequencies before you print tracks not only facilitates mixing later down the line, it also provides an inspirational monitor signal with the power to motivate an artist to deliver a more compelling performance..To that end, a sophisticated outboard EQ is the state-of-the-art solution. Unlike standard tone controls – in which the entire frequency spectrum is piped through all filter levels (that’s a serial EQ) – with this new breed of EQ, only those frequencies you actually want to process pass through the given filter.The MindPrint DTC exploits the tonal benefits of parallel EQing in its fully parametric 4-band EQ – an EQ so musical that it never degrades the signal even when tweaked radically. For instance, though the MindPrint DTC lets you dial in massive top-end boost, the HF range always remains silky, smooth and natural, never growing harsh, brittle or cutting.

Dead On Dynamics Processing
Shaping the dynamics of a signal prior to AD conversion is vital for a couple of reasons. For one, controlling saturation in AD converters is tricky business, certainly more so than is the case with analog devices. For the other, it is a good idea to adapt the dynamic range of the signal to suit the dynamic spectrum of the converter before distortion rears its ugly head. Practically every high-end compressor/limiter is based on optocouplers and/or tubes. For very good reason: As passive components, optocouplers are far less intrusive than active semiconductors, meaning that they leave less of a footprint on the original signal. Beyond that, tubes convert dampened impulse peaks into harmonic overtones, and that preserves the very components that make a signal sound fresh and crisp. The MindPrint DTC’s compressor/limiter section marries these advanced technologies to sophisticated, intelligent automation. Called an "Adaptive ResponseTM" circuit, it constantly tracks the signal’s amplitude and envelope, adjusting attack and release times accordingly in ultra fast and musically meaningful ways. This means that even critical signals end up with high energy density without that dreaded pumping effect.

AD/DA Conversion
Today the pro standard for conversion is 24 bits and 96 kHz. Unfortunately, this category of converter is plagued by dramatic differences in sound quality from device to device. Though often attributable to vendors’ proprietary algorithms, the problem is in many cases the poor quality of the converter’s analog section. Developed specifically for the MindPrint DTC™, the DI-MOD 24/96 is the best converter for the job. Sporting not one but two independent 24-bit/ 96 kHz AD and DA converters built by AKM, it enables different input and output sampling rates. Acting in perfect harmony with these state-of-the-art converters are control and filter circuits developed by MindPrint®’s braintrust of engineers. Every signal path in MindPrint DI-MOD 24/96 is the shortest possible distance between two points. Designed by audiophiles for audiophiles and engineered with painstaking attention to detail, this converter ensures optimal level matching and maximum dynamics sans digital artifacts. With the MindPrint DI-MOD 24/96, you can rest assured that the superior sound of the MindPrint DTC is translated loss-free into the digital realm. And it offers a panacea for audio engineers under pressure, be it a looming deadline or the desire to capture a spontaneous musical moment. Simply set the limiter to 0 dBfs and the MindPrint DTC output level knob to the center notched position - this "calibrated" setting prevents digital distortion without compromising dynamic range.

MindPrint DTC Features
 AKM 24 Bit converter
 AD-converter: AK 5393 VS
 DA-converter: AK 4393 VS
 Dynamic range: >113dB(a)
 S/PDIF coaxial IN and OUT
 S/PDIF optical IN and OUT
 44.1/48/96 kHz sampling frequency in MASTER mode
 Syncs automatically between 32 - 108 kHz in AUTO mode
 All digital Inputs can be used as Sync-Reference
 Possibility to use different samplingrates for DA and AD in MASTER mode
 Stereo-Monitor Out for DA


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