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RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp
Manufactured by » RME
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Information Sheet

RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp
and AES ADAT AD converter

The RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp provides 8-channel 192 kHz / 24 bit AD conversion with eight hi-class microphone and line pre-amplification channels, featuring a combination of sophisticated components and approved RME technology.  Lowest distortion, excellent signal to noise ratio and perfectly linear frequency response transmit and amplify the microphone signals truly unchanged.

The RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp includes some significant enhancements compared to the OctaMic:
-The balanced TRS inputs of the Neutrik Combo XLR jacks are phantom power-free and can be operated as real line inputs too. The
  improved design of the input circuits allows for a maximum input level of +21 dBu with a gain range from 6 dB up to 60 dB.
-Improved signal to noise ratio (SNR) ADC 107.5 dB
-Improved THD, especially at higher gains
-Optimised heat dissipation by a new and larger housing with improved convection
-Internal wide range power supply with line filter, insensitive to voltage fluctuations
-Super-stable, short circuit proof 48 V phantom power

The RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp offers 8 balanced XLR mic / line inputs via Neutrik XLR/TRS combo jacks. Each channel contains switches for 48V phantom power, a low cut filter and phase reversal. Amplification can be set between 6 and 60 dB. LEDs for signal, clip, and activated phantom power give a complete overview on the unit's status. When the special Clip Hold mode is activated, any detected clip-state will cause the corresponding LED to flash once per second. With this, the user gets a long-term peak detection, and no longer needs to constantly watch the LEDs. At the same time momentary overloads are still displayed correctly.

Left Front Left Front

Frontside switches include power on/off and output level, for a choice of -10 dBV, +4 dBu or Hi Gain (+19 dBu) as reference level. This unusual feature offers two advantages. First, the reference level can be easily switched to match any of RME's current interface devices, from HDSP 9632 through Multiface up to the renowned ADI-8 series converters. Second, the Signal to Noise ratio is optimized, and the Clip-LED will exactly match the ones of the ADI-8 (2 dB below 0 dBFS).

Right Front Right Front

The balanced line level output signal is available at the back of the unit via 8 stereo TRS jacks. The specially developed, internal hi-performance switch mode power supply lets the RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp operate in the range of 100V to 240V AC. It is short-circuit-proof, has an integrated line-filter, is fully regulated against voltage fluctuations, and suppresses mains interference.

Left Rear Left Rear

The 8-channel AD-conversion of the RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp operates at up to 192 kHz. The digitized signal is available simultaneously at the double ADAT output (S/MUX, up to 96 kHz), and at a DB-25 connector (4 AES/EBU outputs, up to 192 kHz). The digital part can be clocked internally (master) and externally via word clock, AES/EBU and SPDIF.

Right Rear Right Rear

RME's SteadyClock ensures perfect AD-conversion, as jitter on the external sync-sources is nearly completely removed. All settings are done via DIP-switches on the back of the RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp. Analog outputs and both digital outputs operate fully simultaneously. The choice of reference level affects the analog outputs only, the signal/clip indication and the AD-conversion will react only to the Gain pots.

RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp Connectivity:
-8 x Mic / Line Preamp Input (XLR/TRS Combo)
-8 x Line Output (TRS balanced)
-8 x AD-converter (up to 192 kHz)
-2 x ADAT Output (S/MUX, up to 96 kHz)
-4 x AES/EBU Output (D-sub, up to 192 kHz)
-1 x AES/SPDIF Sync Input
-Phase, Low Cut and Phantom power per channel
-Clip Hold Memory

RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp Specifications:
-8 balanced XLR/TRS mic/line inputs
-54 dB gain range
-Input impedance: XLR 2 kOhm, TRS 5 kOhm
-Analog input level: from -40 dBu up to +21 dBu
-Maximum output level: +21 dBu
-Output impedance: 75 Ohm
-Output level switchable Hi Gain / +4 dBu / -10 dBV
-Signal to noise ratio (SNR): 129 dB EIN @ 150 Ohm
  -THD: < 0.0005 % @ 30 dB Gain
-Large frequency range (200 kHz) with special EMI input filtering
-Frequency response -0.5 dB: 5 Hz - 200 kHz
-Hi-pass filter: 80 Hz, 18 dB/oct.
-Line Out: 1/4" TRS (6.3 mm stereo jack), servo-balanced
-Phantom power: +48 Volt in every channel
-Internal wide range switching power supply 100-240 Volt AC
-AD conversion
  -SNR: >110 dB(A)
  -Supported sample rates: 28 kHz - 200 kHz
  -THD: < 0.0003 %, < -110 dB
  -Sync Sources: AES/EBU (also SPDIF coaxial), wordclock, internal
  -SteadyClock ensures best sound quality even with jittery external clocks
RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp Accessories(sold separately):
-Digital breakout cable Pro, AES/EBU, D-sub25 to 4x XLR-3 female + 4x XLR-3 male, 1m/3m/6m (ALVA Audio)
-Digital D-sub cable, AES/EBU, D-sub25 male to D-Sub25 male, 1m/3m/6m (ALVA Audio)
-Optical ADAT Toslink cable 1m/2m/3m/5m/10m (ALVA Audio)
-Word Clock cable, 1 x BNC male to 1 x BNC male, 1m/5m/10m (ALVA Audio)

RME OctaMic II 8 Channel Mic Preamp Options(sold separately):
-BOB-32 Universal Breakout Box with 2 x 8 XLR to 2 D-sub connectors (supports TASCAM and YAMAHA format), flip-frame case


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