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Pixelwix Studio Software
Manufactured by » Pixelwix
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Pixelwix videoUser Manual

Pixelwix Studio Software
Pixelwix 5.333 software listing

Full High Definition (HD) compatibility, broadcast quality output  easy on-the-fly text editing,easy media clip control live feed management . . . just a few reasons to make Pixelwix Studio part of your multi-media toolbox. Finally, a learning curve everyone can handle.

Pixelwix Studio digital media players allow users to instantly deliver video clips, mp3, animations, graphics and live input data with the simple click of a button. From stadiums to retail centers, HD, SD and custom resolutions. Reads all major formats including Apple h264 codec 

Pixelwix Studio Software Uses:
-Live Media events.
-Led displays for advertising or live venues.
-Music Concerts.
-Houses of worship.
-Bars and night clubs
-Corporate presentations
-Just about any application you need live camera and media switching and displaying on Video displays, ribbon boards and more

Quick Response & Easy Operation
No need to be a techie or professional A/V guy to learn and use Pixelwix Studio. Clean, intuitive design and stable functionality make Pixelwix Studio approachable and easy-to-learn. feel comfortable using Pixelwix Studio in a live setting.

No more guesswork: 4 live preview monitors, 1 network preview monitor, 4 HD media file players, 1 text preview monitor. All easily switched with fade transition to displays (single or dual view)

Quick Presets
Store up to 9 named output configurations for image splits or output sizing and location.

Supports Multiple Video Formats
Multi-Format video player with SDI and HD support to 1080p and above delivers enhanced efficiency and reliability with audio control and cross fading.

The Pixelwix Studio video presenter/switcher supports multiple image formats including HD (1080i and 720p) and SD video as well as still images. Regardless of the original format, Pixelwix outputs video from your video card in a variety of HD, or RGB formats. 

Playback Full-Resolution Video in Real-time
The playback of video content or still images from Pixelwix is instantaneous and perfect for any situation requiring on demand playback of video and pictures or live content from cameras / DVD players / web content from network sent pc's 

Network Video
Network PC input makes it possible to add any PC on the network with Pixelwix studio as a live input (screen capture or file playback)

Monitor Capture
Allows any software to run on a second monitor and is captured and presented as if it was a media input up to 1080p resolution

Folder Playback
-Plays a complete folders contents mixed format of stills and movies.
-Movies playback in sequence , pictures have a timed display up to 60 seconds.
-Folder content can be selected with a pull down menu or mouse click advanced for power point like changes. 

Mp3 Folder Playback
Need some music before event starts use the folder player to play back mp3 files.(can be manually x-faded dj style )

Dual Layer
Pixelwix Studio is a dual layer system allowing two layers of content to be outputs at the same time in one or two displays with independent size and position.

Web Content
-Add remote media with the built-in remote media player, just give the URL and click play.
-Types: HTTP / FTP / file /  rstp
-Media output to projector / led panel, with image enhancement controls provide the best quality image to your audience  

The Text Generator provides the ability for you to create your own custom text. 
-Change size / position  / font type / weight / alignment / text color / background color
-Read and save text presets and sequence them. 
-Ability to use background only for color fades or color stage washes.
-Line mode reads text by line ideal for lyrics or long sequence messages.
-Text motion effects.
-Text overlay or mixed mode

Asio Support
Now you can use high quality sound devices for audio input and output , up-to 8 channels.

The Pixelwix Studio interface is set up much like the control room found in a broadcast production truck. You have quick and easy access to virtual monitors and your live media switching, titling system, camera inputs etc all from one screen. 

Pixelwix Studio Software Video Formats:
- .Mpg
- .Mpeg
- .vob
- .vro
- .m2v
- .m2a
- .m2s 

Pixelwix Studio Software Standard Formats:
-Animated GIF
-Cubic VR
-MPEQuicktime 7G-1
-MP3 (MPEG-1, Layer 3)
-M4A, M4B, M4P (iTunes 4 audio), M4V (iTunes video)
-QuickTime Image File
-QuickTime Movie
-Virtual Reality (VR)   

Audio Support
Full media playback with audio, can be individually muted and returned to its previous position or continuously variable.
Ability to link with media x-fader and selector buttons.

Pixelwix Studio Software System Requirements
-With a high end optimized  pc system you will achieve up-to 60fps media and capture playback at 1080p
-Minimum System (SD)
  -Intel or amd Dual-core CPU 2.4ghz fast hd 7200rpm or above for performance (Slow drives = less media fps playback)
  -We recommend at least 2 GB of RAM for both SD and HD for Windows XP / XP Professional with service pack 2. 
  -We recommend at least 4 GB of RAM for both SD and HD for Windows Vista /Vista 64. 
  -Optimized windows system
  -Dual output fast video card supporting
  -Directx 9 or above
  -Opengl 2.0 or above
  -Quicktime 7
  -The latest java runtime
  -Spare usb port for software key (important: keys not replaced if lost, only if defective)
-Recommended System (Multi HD)
  -Quad core or more Itel or AMD 3.0ghz or better
  -Fast raid array system for max HD playback count
  -Windows Vista 64
  -8 gigs DDR 2 / 3  ram or better
  -Fast Graphic capture cards
  -optimized windows system
  -Dual output fast video card supporting
  -Directx 9 or above
  -Opengl 2.0 or above
  -Quicktime 7
  -The latest java runtime
  -Spare usb port for software key (important: keys not replaced if lost, only if defective)

Pixelwix Studio Software Recommended Motherboards
-Asus P5E
-Asus P5B
-Gigabyte EP45-DS3
-Gigabyte x48DQ6
-Intel D975XBX
-XFX 790i Ultra

If you are building your own PC for use with Pixelwix Software, the first thing you will need is a chassis, also known as an enclosure or a case.  Some chassis include space and connections for an internal disk array. Other chassis do not provide this facility and you may need to use an external disk array for video that you play back depending on the video standard and codec you intend to use.

Pixelwix Studio Software Recommended Graphics Cards:
-PCIe x16 or PCIe 2.0 x16
-ATI FireGL Series
-ATI Radeon 45X Series
-nVIDIA Gforce 9x series
-nVIDIA Quadro FX series

Pixelwix Studio Software Recommended Disk Storage for SD and HD Uncompressed 4:2:2
-CalDigit HD Pro
-Ciprico MediaVault series
-G-Technology Gspeed
-Maxx Digital Evo2 HD
-Medéa VideoRaid FCR2X
-Medéa VideoRaid XTRM4
-Promise VTrak series
-Sonnet Technologies Fusion 500P. Use 1 unit for SD, or 2 units for HD, in conjunction with a Tempo SATA E4P or X4P.

Pixelwix Studio Software Recommended Disk Storage for SD and HD Uncompressed 4:4:4 and 2K
CalDigit HD Pro
-G-Technology Gspeed
-Maxx Digital Evo2 HD (on 64-bit Windows


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