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Sonic Reality Serafine FX Tron DVD
Manufactured by » Sonic Reality
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Content List

Sonic Reality Serafine FX Tron DVD

Sonic Reality Serafine FX Tron DVD is a complete sound effects workstation created with legendary sound designer Frank Serafine (Star Trek, Hunt for Red October, Lawnmower Man, Tron), with over 13,000 sound effects covering every category you can instantly shape, reverse, layer, stretch and warp effects to suit any need for film, video or any media project.  Match sound effects to dialog using convolution and more.


Sonic Reality Serafine FX Tron DVD Features:
-High quality sound effects from acclaimed sound designer Frank Serafine (The Hunt For Red October, Star Trek 2, Lawnmower Man)
-A complete sound effects workstation with over 13,000 individual sounds included - over 17 gigabytes.
-Instant ability to forward, reverse and manipulate the time, pitch and timbre of sound effects
-Stack, layer and process with built-in DSP effects for unlimited sound design possibilities
-Perform or sequence foley to picture and match effects to dialog ambience with convolution reverb
-Total library size: 19.2 GB
-Instruments: 10,775
-Multis: 206
-Bit depth: 24-bit
-Sample rate: 48 kHz
-Software type: Standalone, plug-in
-Package Contents (DVD):
  -6 DVDs

Sonic Reality Serafine FX Tron DVD is an Infinite Player virtual instrument powered by Kontakt that works as standalone software for the Mac or PC or as a plug-in for every major DAW such as Logic, ProTools, Cubase and many others. It comes with a broad range of sound effects for film, TV, games, radio, music, and any multimedia project all in one powerful "Sound Effects Workstation." From classic sci-fi FX Frank Serafine created for movies like The Hunt for Red October, Lawnmower Man, and Tron to a wide assortment of first call sound effects that multi-media producers are looking for this workstation has it all. These are some of the best sounds in the industry and now you can do more with effects than ever.

Within the included Infinite Player software sounds can be layered, processed, manipulated and "performed" from a MIDI keyboard to create an infinite amount of effects for any media or music production. You can even search the vast collection of FX Tron and Expansion Libraries all right inside the plug-in. FX Tron is your one stop shop for all sound effects needs. A must-have for any composer, media producer, post production house, DJ or music creator looking for the ultimate source of film quality sound effects for their music or media productions. Over 17 gigabytes, tens of thousands of drag and drop sound effects, built-in DSP effects, convolution ambience and more.

Sonic Reality Serafine FX Tron DVD is a powerful virtual instrument and sound library with sounds that can be used in any style of composition for Film, TV, Video Games, Radio and any genre of music that calls for special effects. The concept behind this powerful series is to provide sound effects that can be called up and instantly molded like clay into an infinite range of possible sounds designed and performed in real time. Powerful sound effects can be used to make world-class soundtracks faster than ever before. Whether you need a powerful workstation of every type of effect on hand or you want to use the fast and easy on board manipulation features, built-in DSP effects and layering to create unique sounds where people will wonder how you did it, Serafine FX Tron is a must-have for any media producer, music composer or sound designer.

A Kontakt Plug-in or Standalone Application for the Mac and PC
The playback software that Serafine FX Tron uses is Sonic Reality’s “Infinite Player” expandable “library” module which resides inside either the (free) Kontakt Player 4 from Native Instruments or the (optional) full version of Kontakt 4. You simply authorize the Infinite Player with NI’s service center and from there on you are a simple drag and drop away from adding more Sonic Reality Infinite Player/Kontakt format sounds to your virtual instrument set up. Using Kontakt as its engine, the Infinite Player-based Serafine FX Tron works either stand alone for the Mac or PC or as an RTAS, VST or Audio Units plug-in for products such as ProTools, Cubase, Logic and other compatible DAW applications.

Each sound in Serafine FX Tron can instantly be called up and manipulated in many ways. There are four different modes of playback.
-Time Stretch

The default mode is to play the sound forward (“forward” mode) but you can also play any sound  backwards simply by selecting the “reverse” mode. If you want to turn any effect into an unpredictable exciting harmonic synthesizer then you can choose “formant” mode and for experimenting with the engine’s convenient time stretch capabilities there is the final “Time Stretch” mode for fitting a sound into a scene or doing creative grain-style synthesis.

In this page there is also a “Sample Start” which is controlled by a midi keyboard’s modwheel (or midi CC knob). With this you can instantly dive into any point in the duration of the sound and then by hitting the “lock” button on (white) it makes that the new start point of the sound for that patch. You can also choose to have the pitch tracking on or off and even set the sound to trigger upon release of the midi note for advanced interactive performance effects.

The Amp Page
This page offers a variety of control over the amplitude of the sound from simple volume and pan to an ADSR sound shaping envelope to velocity/dynamic response from a midi controller.

The LFO Page
Bringing in fun experimental synth features such as LFO modulators is a welcome addition for any sound designer. A variety of different waveforms and parameters can modulate Amplitude, Panning, Pitch or Filter.

The FX Page
Serafine FX Tron has a wide variety of built-in DSP effects to instantly process sounds with and providing an infinite range of sonic results. Here in this section you have insert effects such as:
-Filters (Multi Mode)
-3 Band Parametric EQ
-Multiple Distortion
-Vowel Formant
-Stereo Modulation

In the Auxiliary Sends and Output Mixer Inserts there are even more DSP effects on hand including a powerful Convolution Reverb which allows you to drag and drop an impulse response from a scene or field recording and match the ambience between the effect and the dialog or other sounds in the scene.

All of these features can be tweaked easily by any user and saved back with infinite variations without losing the original factory settings. Sounds can be layered together as “Multis” or they can be individual “Instruments” with unique sonic qualities that can make someone wonder how you got THAT sound. This is why the entire Sounds for Film category for the Infinite Player is a treasure chest of creative sources for any producer or composer.

About Frank Serafine
Over the past 30 years, Frank Serafine has worked with some of the best directors in motion pictures.  Together with his staff of sound designers, mixers, and engineers, he created some of the most widely used and recognizable sound effects found in the industry.  Serafine’s diverse association of independent composers, sound designers, re-recording mixers, and editors make for one of the most innovative talent teams in the production industry.Serafine’s work has been featured in many top Hollywood and video game productions including Addams Family, Field of Dreams, The Hunt for Red October, Poltergeist II, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Lawnmower Man, Grand Theft Auto III, and more.

Sonic Reality Serafine FX Tron DVD System Requirements:
-Windows XP or Vista
-Mac OSX Universal Binary
-Plugin Format


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