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IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 (Academic)
Manufactured by » IK Multimedia
List price: $229.00
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Academic IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2
IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 is a complete integrated sound module plug-in with unique features that takes the concept of virtual instruments into a whole new sonic territory!

With a dedicated virtual synth module design, IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 offers the best of both software and sounds in one easy to use and powerful package.

IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 sounds are created using multiple layers of up to 16 Multi-timbral parts with effects and a variety of synth engines combined together to offer amazing sounds at a new standard of quality for a synth plug-in. Covering a wide range of rich ethereal soundscapes, deep and moving bass tones, killer leads, moody orchestral textures, spectral and vocal formant pads and all of the workstation variety of keyboard sounds and drums in one package!

IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 gives the user ultra-fast access to more than 500 sounds designed with powerful layering of more than 1,000 individual parts made up of high quality multisampled instruments, waveforms and performance elements. Each of these parts can also be combined by the user to obtain millions of different sonic possibilities giving this synth workstation plug-in the flexibility of endless creativity.

Unique sounds
At the heart of IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 is first class source material from Sonic Reality. Waves and textures ranging from original orchestral soundscapes to rich vocal layers to wine glasses to traditional instruments like pianos, organs, guitars, drums and ethnic instruments are the elements of IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2's massive sound set. But it wouldn't be the ultimate synth workstation without the ultimate synth collection inside!

Beautiful true analog circuitry and a variety of flavors from different manufacturers and models makes the broad range of collectible vintage synths from around the world appealing in so many styles of music. Sonic Reality has compiled one of the most diverse sample collections of vintage synthesizers ever and incorporated a virtual synth museum inside of IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2. With the authentic character of classic analog and digital hybrid synths ranging from the most popular sounds used on endless hit songs to the esoteric and unique flavors of rare keyboards, IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 has it all! From the rich character of synth sounds to real instrument sounds and combinations used on popular recordings to new dynamic and inspiring explorations in sound, IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 is vast and powerful for styles of music ranging from film soundtracks to classic rock to R&B or to the latest dance styles and beyond.

Unique Software
IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 offers a unique, state-of-the-art software design with many special features and sounds not found in any other virtual instrument plug-in. 32 bit synth engine including IK's high quality multisample playback and exclusive harmonic STRETCH synthesis. 5 global combi effects and 5 insert effects per part for a total of 85 different effects slots. More than 30 hi-quality DSP effects to choose from, developed using sophisticated analog modeling cover popular effect needs within this amazing synth-workstation. From Classic Analog Modeled Filters to Vintage Phasers, Flangers, BPM Sync Delays, Choruses, Tube Modeled Pre Amps, EQs, Compressors, Distortions and many more fully automatable effects, IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 has everything you'll need to shape your sounds like never before.

IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 will be available as a RTAS, VST, Audio Unit, Dxi, and MAS plug-in for Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows XP as well as every other popular plug-in format all from the same box.

IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 FEATURES:

16 part multi-timbral sample-based synth workstation
Over 5,000 sounds
8 GB of samples on two DVDs
Includes 32 analog modeled DSP effects - 5 per instrument
Multiple synth engines including STRETCH™ and Pitch- shift/Time-stretch
A complete virtual synth museum inside
Sounds also compatible with SampleTank® 2
Mix view allows full mix parameters control
Sound editing with full access to 50 Synth- Sampler engine controls
Loop Sync feature for precision and flexibility
Zone feature for single sample accurate editing
Easy to use full MIDI control
Part presets and combi save features
Convenient back up function
Customizable keywords and sound search function with integrated sounds database
256 note polyphony
Available as VST, RTAS, DXi, AU

What is the Difference between IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 and SampleTank® 2?
SampleTank® 2 is open to import additional sample material from any SampleTank library as well as WAV, AIFF, SDII samples, AKAI® S1000- 3000, SampleCell® instruments, and more. IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 is a closed sound module meant for its sounds to be single and combi patches based on its massive included 8- gigabyte soundset.

The included soundset of IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 and SampleTank® 2 XL are completely different: IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2’s sounds have more of a vintage and modern synthesizer theme as well complex combi textures and electronics sounds while SampleTank 2 XL’s sounds cover all the various types of individual multi-samples for music production such as instruments and loops, with more focus on acoustic and electric sounds.

Both offer diverse compositional power right of the box, and the two products are designed to compliment each other for building the ultimate sound system, in fact IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 sounds can be opened by SampleTank® 2 or the two plug-ins can work independently within the same sequencer session.

What is the difference in IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 and IK Multimedia Sonik Synth?
IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 is a complete sound module plug-in with over 8 gigs of sounds and the largest archive of vintage synthesizers ever assembled as well as a full synthesizer workstation.

The original IK Multimedia Sonik Synth was a workstation sound set, 2 gigs in size, that shipped only with a SampleTank® 1.0 LE engine. The new IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 has it’s own interface and a dedicated focus on sound design that makes it far beyond just a sequel to the original IK Multimedia Sonik Synth.

Why is IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 called a synth workstation?
Traditionally, sample based synthesizers that cover all of your compositional needs from synths to pianos to guitars to drums and more are termed workstation synthesizers in hardware. These workstations often include a limited midi sequencer.

With IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 being a multi-platform plug-in you might say it is the guts of a synthesizer workstation on steroids, on par with your equally powerful software sequencer host.

Where do IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 sounds come from?
World-renowned sound developer, Sonic Reality, has pooled together from their massive archive vintage synthesizers and keyboards, acoustic and electric stringed instruments, ethnic instruments, orchestral instruments, vocal textures, and other instruments to bring them all together as elements in this mega workstation synthesizer.

Dave Kerzner, founder and CEO of Sonic Reality, sampled even the most esoteric and rare instrument finds to bring you one of the most comprehensive homage to synthesizers ever created as a virtual instrument including Arps™, Moogs®, Obies, Jupiters, Gleeman™, Voyetra®, Serge™, EMS Synthi™, Prophets™, Trons, Rhodes®, Wurlies™, B3s™ all in one mega plug-in!

IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 is Compatible with VST, AU, DXi, and RTAS compatible audio applications, including:

Cubase® SX 3
Logic® 7
Sonar® 4
Pro Tools® HD and LE
Digital Performer®
Ableton® Live
And more

IK Multimedia Sonik Synth 2 System Requirements

Minimal: 667MHz Power Macintosh® G4, with 512MB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later, 1024x768 screen thousands of colors.
Suggested: 1.25 GHz Power Macintosh® G4, with 1GB of RAM.

Minimal: 733Mhz Pentium® III/Athlon™ with 512MB of RAM, Windows® 2000 /XP, 1024x768 screen thousands of color.
Suggested: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium® IV/Athlon™ with 1GB of RAM.

RTAS, VST, DX, and Audio Units


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