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Toontrack Superior Drummer Producer Preset Pack (Serial Number)
Manufactured by » Toontrack
List price: $14.99
Our Price: $11.99

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Download Information

This product is only available as a Digital Download.  PLEASE NOTE: the serial number is not emailed instantly by our system - a delay may occur until the order is reviewed by our processing department. Once your order is processed(During Office Hours), and your payment has been cleared, we will email the download and registration information to your email address.
Since this is a Digital Download there will be no shipping charge. 


Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 Producer Preset Packs
You will receive one or more serial numbers to activate your preset pack of choice. When you register at Toontrack's site, you pick whichever preset pack you want from the list below


Presets for Superior Drummer 2.0, Custom & Vintage, N.Y. Vol. 2, Music City, or Metal Foundry library. Each Producer Preset Pack gives you presets personally created by hitmaking musicians and engineers.

Custom & Vintage Presets - Chris Pitman
Multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, songwriter, sound designer, programmer and conceptual artist Chris Pitman (Guns N' Roses, Lusk, Replicants, Tool) is no stranger to experimenting and taking his work and sounds to completely new levels in the studio. When we put the Custom & Vintage SDX in his hands and asked him to craft a collection of rock oriented presets, we knew we would get back something pretty unique. We did; Chris presented a preset pack that works in any rock mix but still has a very distinctive quality to it.

A multi-instrumentalist, Pitman plays keyboards, guitar and drums as well as singing lead and backing vocals. In addition to his many musical endeavors, he is also an artist and a co-founder of Los Angeles based Priory of the North, which focuses mainly on conceptual/public art, working with oil painting, lithography, oils and metals.

Custom & Vintage Presets - Chris Pitman II
Known as a permanent member of Guns N' Roses, for fronting alternative rock band SexTapes and a history of working together with bands such as Lusk, Replicants, Tool and Dr. Dre, the multifaceted engineer, producer, writer and, above all, musical chameleon Chris Pitman, delivers an impressive second take on how to tweak the much praised Custom & Vintage SDX!

Custom & Vintage Presets - Miles McPherson
With this latest installment in the S2 Producer Presets family and the first for the Custom & Vintage SDX, Miles has turned this gem of a library upside down and inside out and ended up with a collection of presets that are both diverse and unique.
"I want to be able to capture the sounds I can to get in my studio and recall these on my laptop wherever in the world I may be, so I created these presets with that in mind and tried to make them as individually different as I could", Miles says.

These presets will work perfectly for anything from rock, grunge and mellow pop to punk and hard rock. Get the Custom & Vintage Presets - Miles McPherson pack and find out what Miles mixed, tweaked and gained!

Custom & Vintage Presets - Peter Henderson
With this latest addition to the S2.0 Producer Presets family, get inside the head and tap into the 30+ years' experience of Grammy® award winning producer/engineer Peter Henderson (Supertramp, Rush, Paul McCartney). Meet: Custom & Vintage Presets - Peter Henderson.

Peter's collection of presets are designed to work with the amazing Custom & Vintage SDX and will sit in mixes ranging from ambient pop to rowdy rock and likely anything in between.

These presets will take your already amazing Custom & Vintage sounds to new heights!

DFH Presets - Jason Suecof
Being one of the first EZXs for EZdrummer, a modern classic and staple in any self respecting metal head's arsenal of drums, fiddling with it may to some seem like we are dishonoring a bonafide legend. However, with one of today's hottest metal producers at the helm combined with the tools and features in Superior Drummer® 2.0, you'll be amazed at how revitalized and versatile this gem really sounds.

Get ready for a 2011 take on the drum sample recording that set the new industry standard more than ten years ago and in which's path a train of submissive copycats followed - and still do!

Metal Foundry Presets - Andy Sneap
What do the bands Megadeth, Accept, Killswitch Engage, Exodus, Cradle of Filth, Opeth, Testament, Soulfly and As I Lay Dying all have in common?

Okay, yes, they are all heavy bands - but other than that?

Two words. Andy Sneap.

Andy Sneap is a world-renowned musician, engineer & producer - a true triple treat. With awards and accolades spanning from continent to continent, Andy has carved out his niche as the “go to” guy for making great sounding metal records.

Now, what do you & Andy Sneap have in common?

Two Words. Superior Drummer.

Andy has partnered with Toontrack to create a suite of Superior Drummer 2.0 presets for you, to help bring you one step closer to your ultimate metal sound! This package, designed as an expansion for our industry standard Superior Drummer 2.0 SDX Expansion Metal Foundry, contains signature Andy Sneap drum presets for taking your mixes to the next level!

Just fire up your DAW of choice & insert Superior Drummer 2.0 as a virtual instrument. Load the Metal Foundry SDX and select the preset that sounds best for what you are doing. Mix your masterpiece. It couldn’t get any easier.

Metal Foundry Presets - Andy Sneap ...the sweetest five words to happen to metal music since “for whom the bell tolls....”

Music City Presets - Allen Morgan
When you work with someone like Allen, whose production & remix credits include artists such as Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, Reba McEntire, Jack Ingram, just to name just a few, you find yourself with access to production techniques and secrets you just want to share with everyone you know.

So this is what we have done. We asked him to create another suite of powerful & practical pre sets for you to use in your productions. Kick drums that thump & cut, snares that crack & thwack and tom sounds that would make Phil Collins himself green with envy - all for you - all in this new preset package for Superior Drummer 2.0.

Music City Presets - Mitch Allan
Get songwriter, producer and avid Toontrack user Mitch Allan's (Daughtry, Faith Hill, Backstreet Boys) take on how to best tweak the Music City SDX for it to sit perfectly in a mix. Mitch also knows that quick results and great sounds is key when writing.
"I find that most songwriters are not engineers, so you have to get good sounds as fast as possible and I'm hoping that my presets will be the fastest way for you to get that sound you want - right there at your fingertips", he says.

 N.Y. Vol.2 Presets - Neil Dorfsman
Neil Dorfsman is not only one of the masterminds behind the sounds in EZdrummer, Superior Drummer and the New York Studios Vol.2 SDX, he is also a world-renowned producer and engineer. During his successful career spanning over more than three decades, Neil has worked with some of the greatest artists of all time and put his unmistakable sonic seal on albums like Bruce Springsteen's "The River", Dire Straits' "Brothers in Arms" and Sting's "...Nothing Like the Sun".

In this pack Neil gives you five fine examples of exactly how great, unique and diverse one can get a quality drum recording like the New York Studios Vol.2 SDX to sound...if you're a producer/engineer with some of the world's best selling albums on your resume, that is!

N.Y. Vol.2 Presets - Big Drums
Big Drums Presets were all specifically designed to showcase the incredible ambience in Three of the world's most renowned recording rooms

S2.0 Presets - Allen Morgan
Allen Morgan has worked with a diverse range of artists spanning from Country giants such as Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire to pop acts like NSYNC and rock acts such as Nine Inch Nails and Stevie Nicks. Allen is known for his innovative mixing and his ability to create unique, expansive soundscapes and being able to lend a contemporary touch to all his work without ever losing track of the organic feel. Aside from traditional mixing and producing, he is also quickly becoming one of the most sought after programmers/re-mixers in the business.

So, get inside Allens head, see what he tweaks, gains, mixes and matches in the Superior Drummer 2.0 core library to get the sound heard on numerous multi-selling productions.

• Comes with five (5) different presets, engineered and designed by Allen Morgan
• Works with the core Sound Library in Superior Drummer 2.0

S2.0 Presets - Allen Morgan II
Produced in conjunction with our good friend Allen Morgan, this pack of presets for Superior Drummer 2.0 picks up right where Allen´s last pack left off. Giving you yet another great set of tools to spice up you Superior Drummer 2.0 mixes.

Rock, pop, country or metal - whatever the project, these audio gems will help you bring your drum mix to life. Just download, install and mix - it really couldn´t be much simpler.

S2.0 Presets - Bulb
If you listened to any American progressive metal over the past five years, you have more than likely heard his work. Syncopated rhythms, inspiring guitar tones and epic drum sounds have been his production calling card since he burst onto the metal scene in 2005. Thats right, were talking about Misha "Bulb" Mansoor, the prolific musician and producer behind metal projects like Periphery, Haunted Shores and Of Man Not Of Machine, just to name a few.

S2.0 Presets - Charles Feelgood
After the success and overwhelming response to Charles Feelgood's (Diddy, Lady Gaga, Ashlee Simpson, Billie Holiday) N.Y. Vol.2 Presets and Electronic EZmix Pack, we felt we couldn't resist the urge of unleashing Superior Drummer® 2.0's core library, Avatar, in the hands of this mastermind electro producer, DJ and remixer. As we expected, the result is not only a collection of mind-blowing and inspiring presets for anything filed under the Electronic genre - it's a reminder of the power and flexibility of the built-in tools and effects in Superior Drummer® 2.0.
Superior Drummer® 2.0 owners, remember: the only thing between you and the drum sound of your wildest dreams is your own creativity…and with these presets, you should get a boost like none other!

S2.0 Presets - Steven Slate
Toontrack Music has teamed up with Steven Slate to bring you premium producer presets designed by Steven Slate for the sample engine and core sound library of Superior Drummer® 2.0.

The presets carry Stevens highly prolific signature sound into Superior Drummer® 2.0 and will give Superior Drummer® 2.0 yet another edge.

• Comes with seven (7) different presets (Basic Rock, Cranky Funky Rock, Fat Metal, Fat Rock, Lively Rock, Punchy Rock, Radio Rock), engineered and designed by Steven Slate
• Works with the core Sound Library in Superior Drummer 2.0

Modeled after the drum sound on Meshuggah’s “Koloss” album, featuring samples from the actual recording session and engineered by Daniel Bergstrand. One click = colossal drums!

Joey Sturgis has become the go-to guy for the rising stars of today’s young metal scene. See how the man behind the sound of Asking Alexandria, Emmure and The Devil Wears Prada tweaks S2!

S2.0 PRESETS - Big Drums
Big Drums Presets were all specifically designed to showcase the incredible ambience in Three of the world's most renowned recording rooms

New york Studios Vol 3 Presets - Pat Thrall
Put Superior Drummer's built-in tools paired with unfiltered sounds from a world-class studio in the hands of an equally world-class engineer and the result speaks for itself! Pat Thrall, the engineer behind EZdrummer, Superior Drummer and the New York Legacy Series, presents five fine examples of how unique, versatile and extraordinary the New York Studios Vol. 3 library can be tweaked.

Leaving his involvement on several Toontrack products aside, the chances you have seen Pat Thrall's name flash by in the credits on a major album or witnessed him on stage at a stadium concert back in the day are pretty big. Pat started out as a guitarist in the bay area scene in the early 70s and has since graced stages and performed on albums with acts like Meatloaf, Tina Turner, Asia and Glenn Hughes. Along the way, he worked himself into becoming an integral part of the recording and producing scene, today enjoying massive success as a go-to engineer in the hi-end major label field. Over the years, Pat has worked on anything from Jay Z and Kanye West to Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé and Black Crowes.

New York Studios Vol 3 Presets -  Neil Dorfsman
Neil Dorfsman, the engineer behind not only the New York Studios Vol. 3 SDX but the core Superior Drummer library, the New York Studios Vol. 2 SDX as well as EZdrummer, shows once again that the sky is the limit when it comes to shaping sounds with Superior Drummer. In this collection, Neil started from the unprocessed sounds in the New York Vol .3 SDX and managed to craft five completely different kits. Use them as a one-click solution to a perfect drum mix or as starting point to hone your own sound.

About Neil Dorfsman
Neil has been in the record business for well over three decades and produced or recorded some of the biggest records of all time – Bruce Springsteen's "The River", Sting's "...Nothing Like the Sun" and Dire Straits' "Brothers in Arms". He is a multiple Grammy Award winning engineer/producer who for every new project continues to reinvent, explore and astound the world with his unique talent for audio production.

New York Studios Vol 3 Presets - Big Drums
Big Drums Presets were all specifically designed to showcase the incredible ambience in Three of the world's most renowned recording rooms

Metal Foundry Presets - Ulrich Wild 


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